What just happened...?

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Caitlyn walks clumsily out of Bree and Brent's house. In a sort of daze, did that really just happen? She stumbles down the road almost gettting hit by a car or two, not the best idea. She somehow makes it to her house without any injuries, that is until she gets to her front door and fumbles for her key, dropping it and smashing her head on the door handle, a dull panging feeling eminating her head.

She holds her head as she looks up and sees her mother standing at the door. Jane ushers Cailtyn inside and requests for her to lie on the couch while she goes and gets an icepack for her head, to dampen down the swelling. Caitlyn just lies there. She should be thinking about the giant bruise that's going to be radiating from her forehead tomorrow at school, sexy. But she really isn't, there's only one thing she could possible even contemplate.

He kissed her. Her. She had mulled this over on the way home, no wonder she was so out of it. Her first kiss, well that made her sound entirely sad she was 15! She'd seen pictures of her mother when she was 15, her mother was stunning with deep, dark blue eyes and rich chocolate brown hair, nothing like Caitlyn. In any picture her mother was in there would always be a guy grabbing her waist or clasping her shoulders, the exact opposite of Caitlyn.

Jane comes back, gently placing the ice pack on Caitlyn's forehead, knowing that her baby girl will have a God-awful bruise on her head tomorrow morning. She wants to say something to Caitlyn but doesn't even know where to begin? She feels like she hardly even knows her own daughter. She gingerly asks if school was good, Caitlyn replying with "It's school mom, it will never be good" in a sarcastic tone. Jane walks away up to Caitlyn's room and stares, noticing something.

Caitlyn feels as if she's drifting off to sleep, it's been an interesting, tiresome day. She hears a high pitched screech from upstairs, still out of it she manages to make it up there to find her mother holding her laptop. Damn, she knew that would come back to haunt her. Her mother has a disgruntled look on her face. She holds up the mangled laptop and stares directly at Caitlyn. She just says one simple word. "Explain".

Well how the hell is Caitlyn ever going to explain this? She has to cultivate a good lie in a matter of seconds, here it goes "Well, uhmmm you see... I wanted to take a picture on my laptop out of the window..." "Right, does that explain the broken mirror too?" "Well actually I was dancing around with the laptop and it flew right out of my hands and hit the mirror". Jane looks at her, she knows it's an ovbious and terrible lie, but Caitlyn just looks so desperate she lets it go. "...Alright, but I'm not buying you a new one, and as for the mirror, just deal with it." Jane walks briskly away.

Caitlyn's heart is racing and she can feel herself getting clamy. That was a scary, scary experience. She launches into her room and shuts the door beehind her. Giving herself a moment to compose and steady her breathing. She goes to her mirror, and even though it's broken can tell the bump on her head is already a beautiful purple-bluey greenish color, how lovely, and it goes so well with her outfit! She drops herself to the floor next to her bed and looks under there, taking out The Box.

She slowly lifts the lid and looks at the contents, spilling it out on the floor. The locket, the picture of her family and the one of her and Mark. She sets them out in a line on the floor. She slides the lid of the box back under the bed, hearing it collide with the knife. She winces at the noice and turns her focus back to the pictures and locket. She goes to reach back for the box but she stops herself.

She knows what she's going to do.

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