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International Geography, once a subject she sat alone at the back in with Mara glaring at her is now a never-going-to-learn-anything-thanks-to-Bree-and-company subject. Caitlyn sat at a table with Bree, Gabe, Michelle, Lily, Brent and nother guy she was introduced to, Shawn.

It seems like every 5 seconds her table was getting told off for talking, throwing things and being a general nuisance. Mara and another girl, with black hair and ice blue eyes who had pushed her a week ago, Serina, Caitlyn thinks her name is. They sit at the back of the class glaring and whispering about Caitlyn, well that's who Caitlyn assumes they're whispering about, though their eyeline is more towards Brent than her. Not that it would matter to Caitlyn if they were talking about her (which they most likey are), it's like having people with her, friends, is totally annialating anything they say from actually making even the slightest impact.

She ends her conversation with Gabe and turns to Bree, catching Brent's eyes on the way, sending a cliché shiver up her spine. "So, I hear Brent asked you out on a date" Bree whispers to her. This catches Caitlyn off guard, wow word really does travel fast around this school. "Umm, not exactly he said as friends..." Caitln trailed off "Well, he was lying I think he likes you, you know he told me he used to like you in year 8 but then you stopped coming over to my house"

Was this girl serious? That guy! That gorgeous guy, used to like her, her? Lame old her? Was he on drugs!? "Ummm, are you actually serious?" Caitlyn questioned "Yeah" Bree said as she turned back to Gabe and Lily. Brent, that gorgeous guy on her same table like her! The whole rumour about Caitlyn being the one that told the principle about this girl apparently having sex with someone in the school's bathrooms that got this girl, Sarah Evans, expelled, and that's why everyone hated her.

Yeah, the reason everyone hated her is becuase she was rumoured to have told on this girl who evryone hated anyway because she was a bitch. High school was confusing, but hopefully most people were over it now, it didn't seem like it was a week ago. But maybe she was taking everything people did to her personally. Maybe she got pushed and shoved, and glared at because that's what everybody does to everybody

Maybe the reason she didn't have friends was not because they didn't want to talk to her but because she never made the effort to talk to them, and she did always have that shy unaproachable look on her face. Whoa, an epiphany in the middle of International Georgraphy, not normal! But now she felt okay about not being normal, she felt like she fit right in being odd with her new/old friends.

"...And then he sent us out the room, and that's why we're the reason lightsabers are banned from school" Shawn said with a laugh a he continued his story. Caitlyn smiled along but her mind was back to the Brent thing. Brent like her, well there was no chance he liked her now. I mean she used to be thinner back then, and she was more confident, now she's just fat and shy, or so she thinks.

"So I'll speak to Brent before you guys go to the movies tonight and convince him to make it a date" Bree tells Caitlyn was they walk out of class. Caitlyn's heart beats faster, a date? She was possibly going to go on her first real date! And with Brent! "Oh, um, you don't have to do that" Caitlyn says "Oh, no I can tell you like him, and he definately likes you again, if he ever stopped in the first place, don't worry I have it under control" Bree says defiantly as she walks away. Bree was in control?

Well this would be a disaster.

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