The movies

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"And then he told me he was joking and I was like, well you could've said that yesterday, like, duh!" Bree babbled on. This was one of these rare moments when Caitlyn was generally happy. How she missed having someone talk to her like this. "And then she came up to me and was all like, how could you do that, and I was like, how could I not? And then sh- are you even listening to me?!" Bree questiones Caitlyn.

"Oh yeah sorry I was half listening, you were telling me about the uhh...thing...right?". Bree giggled "Awww I missed how aloof and up in the clouds you were" Bree said sweetly as she put her arm around Caitlyn's shoulder and squeezed. One thing Caitlyn didn't miss was the litterally breath taking hugs Bree gave. "So what now?" Bree askes as she flips through Caitlyn's not-so-impressive DVD collection. Cailtyn replies with a shrug.

"I know! Let's see a movie!" Bree suggests. Cailtyn smiles in agreement, she can't remember the last time she went to the movies without her family or Mark. Ugh Mark, and she'd almost forgot about him for a second there. Bree and Caitlyn move into her kitchen and Caitlyn grabs $30 and her and Bree start walking towards her front door. "So tell me again what exactly happened to your parents?" Bree asks.

"Well, they've been fighting a lot and they kinda just left on sunday night with only a note, I don't really know when they'll be back" Cailtyn says as lightly as she can, she doesn't want to show Bree just how much it hurts her inside. Caitlyn's like that, if she puts a brave face on, so no one will know how much it hurts.

20 minutes later they're at the movies deciding which one to see laughing at everything like they used to. (A/N by the way these movie tiltes are my amazing creation)."What about...It Came From Beneath the Train Tracks?" " Naaa seen it. Oh! How about When the Storm Ends and the Sun Doesn't Shine!?" "NO WAY! I hear that's scary! You know how I hate scary movies" Bree laughs at Caitlyn's defensive statement. "Fine, fine, fine! What about Fashion Friday?". "Hmmm," Caitlyn contemplates "I hear it's lame but, sure". Bree nods as they walk over to buy their tickets.

People start to stare as they snort like idiots, but this time Caitlyn doesn't care that people are looking, this time she's having fun. But then she sees it. Mark and Talia walking into the same movie as them holding hands. Oh the joy of it all. She catches Bree's eye as motions her head towards them. Bree looks over and her face has one of those uneasy looks on it.

"Just pretend like we didn't see them. I'm sure they wouldn't want to come up to us anywayz" Bree whispers into Cailtyns ear as they bustle into the cinema. As much as that helped Caitlyn it didn't make the knot in her stomach loosen as much as she would like. Her and Bree settle into the middle row on the left side. Caitlyn's eyes watching Mark and Talia like a hawk. They walk up the stairs to the back row, oh great, the 'Makeout Zone'.

One and a half hours of their life they'll never get back and a large popcorn and medium drink later they stumble out if the movies giggling like losers. That was one of the most funniest movies ever, because it was so bad. The dialogue was terrible, the plot was awful and the acting? Well to be honest Cailtyn had seen better from her 5 year old cousin's Christmas play. Bree jokingly pushes her and she falls backwards right into someone. That someone being Mark and Talia. Gosh darnitt! What are the chances of that?

Mark stares down at her as Bree lends her hand to Caitlyn and help pulls her up. Caitlyn brushes herself off as she stands up. Mark sends her a dirty look and grabs Talia's arm as Talia lets out a crazy cackle and walks away. Bree and Caitlyn slowly turn their heads towards eachother a scared look on their faces. Then they burst out into a fit of laughter, teasing Talia about her witch laugh. " Don't worry girl, I managed to get a dirtly look in at Talia and Mark for ya!" Bree enthuses in a determined child like tone. Caitlyn replies with a laugh.

Trust Bree to make her laugh at a time like this.

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