Family Reunion

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Caitlyn casually walks into her house texting Brent. There's a change of plans she's going to meet him at the movies instead as his Dad banned him from the car for reckless driving 'It was a one little scratch' he claims, defending himself. She laughs and sets her phone on the coffee table. The T.V's on blast. She didn't leave it on this morning did she? Did she even watch it? Did she even turn it off last night?! All these questions are springing into her mind as she walks into her kitchen.

Jane rushes over to her and gives her a huge hug. "Oh, my baby girl I've missed you so much, I swear you look taller, did your hair grow? Why are you wearing my watch? Oh who cares I missed you!" Her Mom dotes over her with hugs and kisses.

Well this was new! Caitlyn can't remember the last time her Mom hugged her or told her she missed her. What happened while they were away? "Right, um, where's Dad?" Caitlyn asks as she walks over to fridge to get something to eat. Her mother sighs contently, that's a good sign right? "He's in the study" Jane sighs and turns back to her cooking, Caitlyn can't decide to whether to be scared or excited.

She runs up the stairs tripping on the carpeted steps every so often. She swings into her Dad's study and throws her arms around his neck from behind. "Oh, hi." Tom says to Caitlyn continuing to speed type on his keyboard. 'Well that was a disappointment' Caitlyn thinks as she walks to her room, slightly dejected. At least her Mom cares she gets to see her again. That's one person at least, and that's all anyone needs, just one person.

There was something she had to do tonight... Oh crap, Brent! Better start getting ready! Caitlyn realizes as she runs to her closet, she has to find something to wear. After half an hour of deliberation she settles on a simple red long sleeved shirt with a grey pair of jeans, matching her eyes. She runs down the stairs and yells 'bye' to her Mom as she goes to run out the door. She's stopped by a sudden loud voice telling her to halt. Her eyes dart to the direction of the sound. Her father's standing at the top of the stairs a stern look on his face. Oh so now he cares about her?

"Where are you going?"

"The movies"

"With who?"



"Bree's brother"

"Who's Bree?!"

Well this was getting her nowhere! "It doesn't matter who these people are you're not going!" The anger built up inside her. This was so unfair! Things were looking good, she had a date for God's sake! And now this! "Why not?!" Caitlyn screams at him, this was so unjust! "Because we're going to spend time as a family, that means you staying home!" Caitlyn knows she isn't going to win this fight.

"FINE!" she screams, reaching for her phone to tell Brent the change of plans, but it's quickly scooped up by her Mother. "You heard your father, family time! Not family plus texting time!" Her mother scolds her and puts the phone in her pocket. This is a joke right? "Oh and don't even think about using mybookspaceface! I turned off the wireless internet!" Her dad boasts to her.

Caitlyn's racking her brain for another way she can get ahold of Brent or at least someone else who can talk to Brent but there's no available way. She runs up her stairs, tears already pouring from her eyes, this was not how today was supposed to go!

"Fuck you Dad," She doesn't care if she swears anymore. "You don't want me to go out so we can have family time!? Well I don't need to go out to avoid family time! Even while I am at home I won't join in! Plan backfired!" Caitlyn screams down at them. She runs into her room. She knows this pain, she knows the only way to get rid of it, and it isn't pretty.

She can hear her parents arguing over something but their words are incoherent to her, the sound of her pain blocking out all comprehension of the outside world.

She knows what's next.


Dedicated to Emma P and Emma C, my gorgeous amazing girls, sorry about the prolonged absence. :(

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