A Broken Girl

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She has it in her hand, it's cool and shiny. She shouldn't, but she needs too. She brings the blade closer to her thigh, the glint of the steel flashing onto her eyes. She blinks, momenterally stunned. Her laptop screen lights up she glances over at it. New status update, 'Mark Baker is in a relationship'. If she wasn't crying before she certainly was now. That was it, the final straw.

She recklessly slides the blade over her leg, slicing the already tainted skin, damaging it, adding even more scars. Her frenzy ends and she drops her eyes down to the carnage, tears welling up, preventing her from veiwing the full extent of her delirious routine. She drops the knife it makes a small thud when it hits the carpet. She wipes her eyes ready to see her scathed thigh. "SHIT" She exlaims outloud, the dripping blood from her upper leg had dribbled down and fallen. Realization hits her, he breathing steadies. It's half okay, the blood only landed on her sweater.

"Caitlyn did you finish your homework?" her mother yells up at her. She reluctantly rises from her position of leaning on her bed. Holding her thigh while she limps to the bathroom. Everytime she put pressure on her leg it stings. "Yes mom!" Caitlyn yells back while she opens the bathroom door. She locks it behind her and breathes a sigh of relief. She can hear yelling from downstairs, her parents are fighting, again. She grabs a hand towel and wets it. She gently dabs it on her leg, removing the semi drying blood from herself. She closes her eyes and leans there, against the cold vanity breathing slowly. 'There, all gone' she says to herself as she returns back to her room and silently pulls the door closed.

She races over the her laptop and scoops it off the ground, bringing it to a stop on her bed. Mark Baker 'click'. Info 'click'. She hesitantly scrolls down. Relationship Status, 'Is in a relationship with Talia Thames'. She swiftly moves her mouse to the name, 'click'. She's staring at her wall, Mark Baker > Talia Thames: I love you <3 Beautiful. A new wave of tears rushes over her. She buries her face into her pillows to cease the noise of her urgent sobbing.

After a while she calms herself down, daring to survey the screen again. She clicks on Talia's photos. Wow. She really is Beautiful. Long blonde hair, real she suspects. Bright blue eyes, a straight small nose and full pinky-red lips. Doomed, that's what Caitlyn is, doomed. This girl, she's so, so, stunning and well Caitlyn...Isn't. I mean she's not too bad looking she thinks to herself as she rises and walks over to her mirror.

Caitlyn's a bit short, shoulder length, red-or as people like to say 'ranga' hair. Eyes like the colour of, of...uhhh smoke? I guess you could call them grey, grey and colourless. She's not that fat, or so she tells herself, maybe size 8 just doesn't cut it anymore. She looks at herself long and hard. She fights to stiffle a scream as she grabs her her laptop off the bed and tosses it at her mirror. As the glass breaks a loud shattering, ear-piercing smash occurs, then a loud crumple of broken plastic as her laptop hits the floor.

She nervously waits for her yelling mother or shouting father to barge into her room screaming about the noise, but alas, nothing. Absolutely nothing, she patiently waits, it's been 3 minutes, surely one of her parents would've come up to check out the disturbance by now. She cautiously tiptoes down her stairs. A thought strikes her. 'Oh my gosh' she thinks to herself what if while she was too busy in her own hell of a world her parents got into a fight, then one of them killed the other and the survivour has gone to hide the body!?

Her suspicion is shattered when she finds a note on the kitchen bench; Dear Caitlyn your father and I have gone to sort out our problems, I don't know how long we'll be away, a week hopefully, a the tops. I left $300 under the cookie jar. It should cover food and other expenses, your father and I will still pay the bills, see you soon. -Mom.

Great she thinks to herself, her mother and father just left her, everyone at school hates her an the guy she loves, her bestfriend, is dating a Barbie Doll. Great! She saunters back up to her room and colapses on her bed, what has she got to look forward to tomorrow?

Oh, that's right, nothing.

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