Unexpected, definitely.

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She should be calm right? Everything was fine between her and Brent over texting, so why won't it be okay in person? She anxiously walks to school, these wuestions over taking her thoughts and swarming in her head. Caution fills every step she takes. It's normally a 10 minute walk to school but purposely slowing down to avoid the inevatable really adds time onto your schedual. What should have taken 10 had now taken 20. She nervously walks into school, really Caitlyn's always nervous when she goes to school, but this time is like triple.

She walks to where they meet in the morning, and only one person is there; Brent. Of course it would be Brent by himself. Anything else would have been fair! Caitlyn should have suspected this would happen, like life is just or something. Brent smiles at her and moves along on the seat to make room. okay, this is a good sign he wants to sit with me. She smiles back and sits next to where Brent's hand is patting the seat. They start talking, about his dad's car still being scratched when they walk up. Mara, Serina, and oh no Sarah, Sarah Evans. The girl she apprently 'dobbed' on.

This is never going to end well. They would completely embarrass her infront of Brent, he would realize how much of a loser she is and NEVER talk to her again, sounds about right. It's what practically happened with Bree. Oh yeah, Caitlyn knows what's coming. Or so she thinks. To her utter surpise they completely ignore her and focus their attention towards Brent. Now, what the hell would those whores want with Brent. The answer becomes immediately apparent. "So, I hear you're gay" Mara snips at Brent in her snobby voice.

Well this was whole-heartedly- Caitlyn thinks hard, but there really isn't a word that describes what this is. Brent doesn't seem nearly as surprised as Cait, he doesn't even look surpirsed at all. It's silent for a few seconds until Serena speaks up. "Well, faggot, you heard us. So who's your boyfriend?" Brent looks pained but answers bravely. "I'm pretty sure Caitlyn isn't a man..." It takes a second for Caitlyn to realize he was implying he was ina relationship with her. Is this real?

Serena sniggers and looks at Caitlyn, "Haha, I wouldn't be so sure about that." Sarah and Mara giggle, Sarah looks down at Caitlyn laughs and says "I know it wasn't you who told, but let's keep the illusion it was, for fun" then her and Mara walk away but Serena stays behind and whispers in her ear "If you want to keep your," she snickers at the next work "Guy, then I would get a sex change," Her breath is hot and smells of peperment, she winks at Caitlyn and walks away. Brent turns to her and makes eye contact.

There was A LOT to talk about.

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