First Day Back

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'Oh, look another nasty glare' Caitlyn thinks to herself as she walks through the halls of St Peters High, it's the first day back after summer break. Everywhere she goes it seems she gets evil looks, 'Ugh can't people just get over things. I mean it did happen 2 years ago, get over it already?' she wonders as her shoulders get knocked by various people also sporting some very impressive judgemental stares. "Watch it, bitch" a tall girl with long black hair and ice blue eyes, snarls at her before storming off in a huff.

Whoa, she thought people were treating her nicer, then BAM! Everyone hates her even more than before. Caitlyn walks over the her locker getting out the appropriate books, International Geography double. Why did she have to choose that subject? Mark walks over to Caitlyn tapping her on the shoulder causing a small squeak to escape her lips.

"Hey" Mark greets her with his signature grin. "Hey yourself" she replies, fully aware of all the eyes on her and Mark. They're probabaly all thinking 'Gosh what a freak, why would someone as amazing as that guy want to stand with a major loser like her?'. She can't blame them, that's exactly what she thinks half the time when she's with him.

"So...?" Mark asks, an awkward silence filling the space between them, almost like a bubble. This is the kind of silence that really gets to her, highlighting the loneliness. Caitlyn wonders if Mark ever feels alone too. Psh, probably not, he's so amazing and popular, he'd never feel alone. "Right or just not reply that's cool too!" Mark enthuses to Caitlyn. She was doing it again, blanking out when he's around and it's becoming more often too. "Oh umm, sorry, away with the fairies. So what was it?" she replies with. 'Oh nice save Caitlyn, very smooth.' She thinks to herself as Mark starts to talk again.

"I was wondering if you wanted to come to the park with me after school, to meet Talia. I suspect you heard about her right, I mean it is ALL over Facebook". Yeah, she had heard about it on Facebook, and not from hm at all. He didn't even see her during summer, probably Talia's fault, she hopes. Caitlyn's voice lowers, maybe if she whispers he won't be able to detect the waver in her voice from how hard she's trying not to cry. "Uhhh, sure I guess that could be..." she wants to say 'COMPLETELY HORRIBLE, CAN'T YOU LOVE ME INSTEAD?!' but that might make life just a teensy bit awkward so she settles on "...Fun".

The bell rings and Mark runs off to go meet his little jock friends and laugh about stupid little jock things. She'd never admit it to herself but she always feels paranoid that they're talking about her. It's the way Mark stands away from her when he's with his friends, the way they look from him to her, then back to Mark and start laughing. It's the constant feeling of alienation, like she's part of the funniest joke; as the punchline.  She knows Mark hasn't noticed that she knows he never really talks to her for too long in public, and the way he never hugs her while others are around. It also interests her how when he does speak to her it's always about school work. They were best friends, she hopes they still are, but ever since two years ago things have never been the same.

Caitlyn walks into her class, it's either sit next to Bree, her used-to-be friend or alone...on a the back. Caitlyn moves to the back of the room as Bree gives her a sympathetic look. It's not Bree's fault they don't talk anymore, I mean if she were in Bree's position she wouldn't want to hang out with the biggest social reject ever either. 'Africa' is written in big, bold letters on the bored. 'I guess we're going to learn about Africa today then' she assumes.

If only she was in Africa. Yeah that would be good right about now, she thinks as the meanest girl in the school, or possible the whole world walks over to her and sits herself right down. "Well, well, well if it isn't the little nark, Katie". "Mara, my name is Caitlyn, you should know that, we have known eachother since we were 5..." Caitlyn corrects her with. "Well it's Katie now!" Mara says in a whiney fed-up voice to her and flicks her head in the opposite direction to Caitlyn. 'Whoa' Caitlyn thinks, she is a piece of work.

It's no wonder her name means Bitter Sea.

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