Please Explain...

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Caitlyn looks him dead in the eye, and inquisitive look on her face, waiting for an explanation to the previous performance. Brent slowly raises his head, the time it takes feeling like forever, he briefly looks into Caitlyn's eyes, hesitantly opens his mouth, about to say something, in a flash he's gone, swiftly launching up off the seat and sprinting in the opposite direction to Caitlyn. Before she can react he's already gone, the only thing left being the empty space where his being once was. 

Caitlyn's mind finally catches up with the situation and she realizes what just happened. He just ran away from her, lovely. She contemplates chasing after him but she wouldn't know where to start, except go left. When you're lost, always go left. She's in a trance, processing what just happened. Brent being called gay? What the hell? What evidence or just anything was there currently existing in the world to suggest he was gay? It's not like he wears pink, or dates guy, the logic was clearly missing from this.

She feels someones presence next to her on the bench, she's hoping it's Brent but knowing it's not. She looks up into Bree's green eyes, the exact same as Brent's and suddenly gets punched on the arm. "Ow! What was that for?" Caitlyn protests at Bree. Bree gives her a stern look and rolls her eyes "Dude, you totally stood up my brother, I swear he was about to cry!". A quick burst of excited surpirse runs through her veins. He was going to cry, over her?! Wait no, back to reality. "I didn't mean to, my parents came back..." "Yeah, I know, he told me, and I understand, I still think you deserved the hit though," Bree says matter-of-factly. Caitlyn rolls her eyes and recognises her chance.

"Hey uhm, Bree, did you umm, well have you ever heard... ugh, I mean-" "Spit it out girl!" Bree curses at Caitlyn, she does take an awful long time to get things said. "Sorry, I was going to ask have you ever, you know, heard anything... About, your brother, being, wow, how can I put this? Uhh the other way inclined?" Bree stares at her dumbstruck, what the hell was Caitlyn talking about?! "What are you on about girl?" "Ugh, you know, like going in the other direction?". A blank stare from Bree, this was getting her no where! "Have you even heard he's gay?!". Bree slowly turns her head 90 degreese to be looking Caitlyn right in the eye, "What..." Bree's eyes glaze with confusion.

"Well Mara and whatsaface and the other slut just rocked up, like, 5 minutes ago when I was sitting here with Brent and then they said he was gay and I was really confused and I was just wondering if you might have known anything about it!". Caitlyn exhales exhaustedly. She needs to start adding full stops to her sentances. Fathoming crosses Bree's face, "Oh, that... Well, you know he's never had a girlfriend, and he's never told anyone he likes any girls and the rumour just kind of, emerged...". Caitlyn's heart stops, Brent, that gorgeous guy, as never had a girlfriend, she finds that hard to belive.

"Wow, I uhh, I hadn't heard of anything like that at all, that's the stupidest thing ever!" Caitlyn argues. "I know," Bree replies "And it's also kind of the reason I wanted to talk to you again... I realized that not all rumour are true, in fact, I don't think any of them are, after what happened to my brother the way he..." Bree trailed off. Caitlyn's shoulders perk up, the way he what?! a thousand images and ideas running through her mind, Caitlyn gains the courage. "No, now you've mentioned it you have to tell me, he what? What?!". 

Bree refuses, the conversation jumping back and forth, darting from Caitlyn asking and Bree denying. A pleading look crosses Bree's face, "Seriously Caitlyn, drop it, please". Caitlyn's head drops "Okay Bree," "Good, thank you" Bree replies and starts going on about her English essay when Michelle and Shawn walk up and add to the conversation. Caitlyn's mind is elsewhere though, still wondering about the way he what? The bell snaps her out of her mind and she flashes a smile at Bree to let her know everythings fine after what they were just discussing, but fine is the furthest thing from what it is.

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