The reply

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Caitlyn gently picks up her phone, hand shaking. This was it, she hesitantly looks at the screen, yep, it's from Brent all right. Her thumb hovers over the 'view' button...and keeps hovering. She finally sharply presses her thumb to the keypad, the messages opens up, but her fear of the reply overcomes her and she drops the phone and hides her hands in her face. Well, that was pathetic.

She calmly composes herself and lightly lifts her phone from the floor. The words 'I' and 'can't' 'this' flash onto her vision from the message, this wasn't looking good. "Cait," Well that's good, he used Cait, that means he isn't mad at her right? Otherwise he would've used 'Cailtyn' right? Right?! "I think I understand, but I can't be sure, I want to believe you about this, but I don't know if I can..."

H-he doesn't know if he can forgive me? This wasn't good... Tears spring into Caitlyn's eyes, everything was going, well, not so much great, but definately better than usual! Then this had to go and happen! It definately wasn't fair. She takes sharp breath and tries to stop the tear flow. Okay, just breathe in and out, in and out, and in, do NOT forget in. She composes the message in her mind before she types it out on her phone.

Brent, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE- not wait, that sounds desperate! Let's try this again. Brent, please, I really wanted to go but my parents stopped me, they came back, I wasn't expecting it. I'm sorry. -Cait. Yeah, that seems good enough. She types it out on her phone and hits send, now another gruelling period of waiting for a response. 6 minutes, it's been 6 minutes! Shouldn't he have replied by now? Caitlyn's breathing increases and her heartrate accelerates through the roof. Why does she do this? Why does she over-react and panic to anything.

Why hasn't he replied? Maybe he wasn't near his phone, but that can;t be it, he did text her back 10 minutes ago. He ran out of credit? He doesn't want to ever talk to her never ever again? She hopes it's not the latter. It's now been 7 minutes since she sent the text. She tries things to take her mind off the situation at hand.

8 minutes- Picks up a bouncy ball and throws it against the wall for 20 seconds until it rolls under her dresser.

9 minutes- An inventive clapping sequece involving clicking and foot stamping bass.

10- minutes- Swishing her hair to her phone's message tone.

Wait, phones message tone? She snaps her neck into a locked position and looks for her phone. Where did she leave it last? She checks her dresser- no, bed- no, floor? Nope. Shit, where did she leave it, she checks for another 3 minutes, maybe this is what happened to Brent and that's why it took so long to reply, the thought makes her laugh, no one is stupid like her, stupid enough to lose their phone so blatently.

She finally finds it, under her bed. How, just- just how did it get there? Who cares she opens the message. "Cait, you know, I'm actually really sorry" Wait what? He was sorry? Uhmm? " I totally forgot about the whole thing with your parents, I thought it was about me, like, you didn't like me or something, sorry for jumping to that conclusion, forgive me?

ps- sorry I took long to reply, but I lost my phone..."

Wow, that was...amazing? He was apologizing to her? This was weird? And he lost his phone, like she predicted, how come no one was here to see this awesomeness when she needs them! Her heart slows and her body relaxes; The knot in her stomach loosening. He forgave her, for what? She doesn't know...but who cares they're friends again. Friends, is that the right word? Or more? Who cares right now, he wasn't mad at her.

She replies: Phew, I'm glad this has all been cleared up, so how big IS the scratch on your dad's car?

Moving te conversation away from the awkward topic and continuing there conversation from last might? Smooth, if she does say so herself.

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