New doll line: Crazy Barbie

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Caitlyn goes to open the door then realizes her arm has those cuts, she quickly sprints upstairs and grabs the first long sleved item she can ger her hands on, runs back down stairs and grabs the fromt door handle. She opens the door to find a blonde bimbo hanging off the arm of a stereotypical jock with black hair and brown eyes. "Mark, Talia, how. . .Nice of you to drop by!" Caitlyn suger coats as she tries to get back her breath. "Oh, yeah well, the movie finished and you live by so...Here we are!" Mark replies with genuine enthusiasm. "Oh, well, uhhhh, come in and sit down" Caitlyn says as she motions them to the couch.

Talia straight away drifts to the couch and plots herself down. Mark turns to Caitlyn. "Hey, sorry to drop in like this". "Oh, no it's fine I wasn't doing anything anyway"...besides contemplating an inner termoil that could've resulted in life or death. "Well that's good, wait, why are you wearing a sweater, it's hot outside even for the evening?" Mark questions. "Uhhh..." is all Caitlyn can reply with. 'Quickly' she thinks to herself, 'make up a good lie!'. "And why is it covered in blood?".

Just as Caitlyn's about to answer Talia cuts in. Well this is the first time she's ever felt thankful for Barbie's existance. "Marcus! Come and sit down!" Talia growled through her teeth at Mark. 'Whoa' Caitlyn thought, 'controlling' . Caitlyn follows Mark to her couch. Mark sits down next to Talia who in turn glares at him and breaths at him "Marcus!' accompanied by a classy glare. 'Hey, there it is again' Caitlyn thinks as she rolls her eyes 'Marcus, Ugh!'.

She turns her head back to the Marlia scene. Marlia is what she decided to call them, Mark+Talia= Marlia. Suddenly Talia snaps her head up and stares Caitlyn right in the eye. Her face changing from a snarl to a bright smile. 'Whao, was this girl bi-polar or something?' Caitlyn thought as she sat in the awkwardness of the situation. "So-" Caitlyn starts but is cut off by Talia. "Can I get a drink, and do you have any food, Mark and I are kinda hungry, that's why we came here?" she asks. "No uhh sorry I don't have much food, I need to go shopping, but you can knock yourself out with the water" ...hopefully, Caitlyn replies with. So that's why they came, for a free meal. Didn't that just make her feel all warm and cuddly on the inside?

Talia stands in a huff and stalks out the room, attitude. 1 minute, 2 minutes 3 minutes. No one's said a word and this girl's been gone to long! "Talia, where are you?" finally Mark breaks the silence. Talia, as if on cue, walks in with a glass in her hand and a smug look on her face. "Sorry guys, I couldn't find a glass" she says as she sends a dirtly look in Caitlyns direction. "Oh, sorry forgot." Caitlyns replies, with a guilty look on her face. What an idiot, she should've known that Talia didn't know where anything was kept.

Quater of an hour and extremely long awkward moment after extremely long awkward moment later Talia stands up and declares they're leaving. "Well aren't you going to open the door for me?!" Talia rudely requests of Mark. Mark? Opening the door? For Talia? What did she think this was 1920? She has hands! Can't Talia open her own damned door?! "Oh yeah sorry" Mark walks up to the door opening it for her and allowing her to leave. He turns his head around as smiles his gorgeous smile at Caitlyn, 'Bye' he mouths at Caitlyn before shutting the door behind himself.

Caitlyn walks up to the door and locks it then pushes her back to it and slides down until she hits the floor. She should feel something right? Sad, angry, frustraited? She just doesn't. Actually, she feels sorry for Mark, that girl may look sweet but she is erratic and crazy! Caitlyn actually laughs, poor Mark, she would feel worse for him but if he had chosen Caitlyn he wouldn't have crazy-ass Barbie.

She breaths a sigh of relief as she stands up and walks into the kitchen, with a genuine smile on her face. No wonder people think she's weird, even she thinks she's weird! But what's that old saying? If you love someone let them go, if they want you they'll know. If it's meant to be, he'll tell me he loves me! 'Whoa! I just rhymed!' Caitlyn thinks to herself 'I should write that down'. The bench catches her eye. Her money wasn't sitting out in the open like that before was it?

She picks it up and counts it. $173.50. But she had $273.50 this morning! She counts it again, and 5 times more still missing money. She thinks back to the day. How could she have spent $100 and not known. The only person who came in here was herself...and Talia. Hmm Talia was gone for an awful long time and she did have that smug look on her face, realization his Caitlyn.

Oh God, that bitch stole $100!

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