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Caitlyn sits in Human Bio, she's first one in the class. It steadily fills up till most people are present, except Brent. Oh great, Caitlyn thinks, she scared him off, fantaststic! She rolls her eyes and gets her books out of her bag. She's concentrating really hard on her work, stating the difference between differentiation and proliferation in cells, when she hears the chair next to her scrape quietly on the floor. She sneaks a glance over at Brent. His hair's covering his face and, what Caitlyn assumes is where his eye line would be, is focused directly on the section about pluripotent stem cells. 

Caitlyn can't see the way he's constantly sneaking glanses at her, she's too focused on trying not to look at him in case she does something incredibley stupid. She's trying extra hard not to just whip her head to the side and get a look at Brent. She finally gives in. Her eye line slowly sliding over to where Brent's book is. She contemplates moving her sight further up to his face when she hears the slightlest noise.

Just a tiny vibration to her eardrum. She's surprised she even hears it at all; over the noise of the class. The bell goes just as she's about to talk to Brent, he's too quick though, scooping up his bag and sprinting out the class room as fast as he could. The only thing left, a speechless Caitlyn and Brent's open book, darkened with a single tear over the word 'life'. Cailtny solomly holds Brent's book in her arms and walks off to her next class.

Caitlyn gets home after school, greets her mom, and runs upstairs. She sits on her bed and gentley takes Brent's book out her bag, kicking her bag off the bed onto the floor. She flips through the pages until she gets to the section on stem cells. She runs her hand over the sentence on embryonic research, the integrity of the page degraded over the word 'life'. It's still slightly damp from Brent's tear. Caitlyn makes up her mind.

Half an hour later Caitlyn's standing outside Bree's house, hand in a fist hovering over the door. She bring it down rhythmically with four strong knocks. Bree opens the door and lunges at Caitlny. "Caitlyn? What're you doing here" Bree exlaims with a wide smile. Caitlyn smiles back timidly, "I just came to give Brent his book, he left it in class" Caitlyn says as she pushes the book toward Bree.

Bree just giggles, "No, come in and give it to him yourself," she gushes as she takes Caitlyn by the arm and pulls her into the house. Arms linked with Bree's, Cailtny walks down the small-ish hallway, just barely being able to walk alongside Bree, so she slows behind, giving herself more room. Bree knocks on Brent's door twice then pushes it open. He's sitting at a desk with homework open. "Hey loser, her's your girlfriend!" Bree smiles as she pulls Caitlyn into his room. "Bree!" Caitlyn whispers as she starts to blush.

Brent gets up from his desk and glares at Bree. Lightly pushing her out the room while she giggles. Shutting the door behind her, shutting Caitlyn in his room. She just stands there awkwardly for a few seconds while Brent stares blankly at the door, his hand gripping onto the knob, he suddenly drops it and spins around, walking back to his desk. "Uhm..." Caitlyn starts "You left your book in class and-" "I know," Brent cuts her off. "I left it because I knew you'd bring it back to me". Caitlyn's eyes widen and she tries to use her words but they fail her. 

"Why would you do that? It just... I just...but, you could have just asked me over, you know, like, I don't know, a normal person?" Caitlyn finally has the courage to say. "I... I really, couldn't..." Brent trails off. Standing up and walking over to Caitlyn, taking the book softly out of her hand and staring her straight in the eye. She stands there dumbstruck for a second when suddenly he leans down and ever so lightly presses his lips to hers, Caitlyn closes her eyes just as the feeling ceases. She hesitantly opens one of them and sees Breant backing away nervously.

"You should go." Brent says breathlessly as he opens the door and gently motions Caitlyn into the hallway. Before Caitlyn has time to react he's slammed the door and presses his back up against it, slowly sliding down till he touches the floor. Bree walks up to Caitlyn with an inquisitive look on her face "Haha, uhm what was that about?" She asks as Caitlyn turns away walking back to the front door, a confused look on her face.

"I honestly have no idea".

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