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The tweeting of the birds wakes Caitlyn up. She slowly opens her eyes, heavy from crying. She glances at the time, 11am. Hmm not bad, she had a good sleep in. Wait..11! In the morning?! She should be at school! She screams to herself as she lunges out of her bed, tripping over and falling flat on her face in the process, also knocking off her lamp from her bedside table. 

She just lies there, for a few minutes, contemplating how pathetic she is, when suddenly her mom runs into the room, over to her side. She grabs Caitlyn's arm, ready to pull her up, but Caitlyn quickly swipes her arm away from her. With a sickening look of hate in her eyes, filling with tears, Caitlyn moves her head up to meet her mother's stare.

Jane catches her daughters deathly stare, her eyes widen, she drops Caitlyn's arm and rushes out the room, that is not a stare she's a fan of. Why did Caitlyn stare her that away? She questions to herself, all she did was come and see if she was okay. Jane's eyes starting filling with tears, what did she do to deserve a daughter like Caitlyn. She quickly strikes away that though, what a horrible thing, Caitlyn is her daughter and she loves her, Jane's train of thought is broken. Caitlyn screams out as loud as she can, not caring about words or if anyone else can hear her.

"MOM! WHY THE HELL AREN'T I AT SCHOOL?!" Cailtyn yells. Jane aprehensively tiptoes back into Cailtyn's room. "Please dear, calm down, well after last night, and the previous week, we thought it would be good if you had a sleep in, and calmed down so we could talk rationally about the passed week and last night". Caitlyn's face is incredlous with shock. This was a joke right? All a joke? She knows it's not, but by saying it, maybe it'll help.

"I'll agree to talk to you...if you give me my phone first!" Caitlyn compromises. Jane cautiously brings Cailtyn's phone out her pocket and gives it to her. Before Cailtyn can even turn it back on, her mom jumps in with "Not, until we've talked for a little bit". Caitlyn solomely follows her mother down the stairs, with her father waiting at the table. Joy.

They've been talking, wait, arguing for 10 minutes now, and that was just about how Caitlyn greeted them when she got home. She wants to protest, state her argument but she knows it will just start a whole other issue, that she can't be dealing with and it will take up time, and the sooner this is over the sooner she can use her phone. 

One hour and twenty six minutes later she's free, Caitlyn just sat there the whole time, taking what her parents were saying about how she behaved. Agreeing in all ther right places and staying quiet in the rest. She unlocks her phone. '4 New Messages' wow, that's the most she's ever had in her life. She cautiously checks them. Message 1- Bree "Hey, i just wnt to say y did u stand my brthr up hes relly upset you btter hav a gwd exuse 4 this". Wow her grammar and spelling were awful, but her message was spot on.

Message 2- Brent "Umm, so I'm at the movies and you're not, I like to think you have a good reason to not be here, but if you don't I understand, but I would rather you have told me you didn't want to go out with me, rather than stand me up." This completely breaks Caitlyn's heart. He thought she didn't like him? How could he think that? How could he think someone didn't like him, another surge of anger runs through her, but she surpresses it, she can just explain it later.

Message 3- Mark "babe i just snuck out, be ther in 10 mins, luv u xxx". Umm I don't think this is for me, as he never showed up... Message 4- "wow, oh crap srry wrng numbr ment for tal" All that explains it all then, another explanation is that Mark sent her that just to spite her and make her remember that he has Talia. Cailtyn furiously types away on her keypad, "Brent, I swear to God, I am SO, SO, SO, SO ultimately sorry I didn't show. But my parents came home and said I couldn't go out then turned off the wireless and took my phone. I would never ever stand you up please, please PLEASE forgive me? Cait".

She contemplates putting and 'xx' but decides not to, that could be awkward if he hates her. She clicks send. 2 minutes later her phone buzzes. This is it, the moment of truth.

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