Fight (Another origional one)

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Last period of the day English with Mark, at the start of the term it had been great, she had 2 classes with Mark, TWO! But now Caitlyn wishes she had none, more like -1 even though that's impossible. English seating plan, at least she didn't have to sit near Mark. On the plus side she was 3 seats away from Lily, and they kept getting in trouble for talking,  her teachers were confused. She'd never been in trouble before, but that's because she'd never really had friends to talk to before.

Caitlyn says 'bye' to Lily and starts to walk down the hall but is stopped by a body standing infront of her. She glides her eyes up to the face of the guy stading in her way, Mark's face. "Hey, listen Caitlyn, can I speak to you?" Mark says in his soft, sugar coated voice, as a hurt puppy look dones his face. "Sure" Caitlyn replies, making him believe she's falling for his pathetic 'I'm sorry' act. A week ago she would've fallen or it, she would've given him a big hug and ended up apollogising to him instead. Not this time, and not any time in the future for that matter.

"Well, I just wanted to say, I'm really sorry for how I reacted but you know, you dissed my girlfriend, and I had to stick up for her, I guess she was being a bit moody but that's because her parents wouldn't let her go to her friend's party so she got real emotional, it's hard for her, not being allowed to do things, when all her friends are going to be there" Was he serious? This girl's problem was her parents not letting her do something!? Caitlyn wishes she had parents at her house to not let her do things! Gosh, if she gets upset over that crap she sure has alot to learn about life!

"Oh no it's fine I-" Caitlyn's cut off by someone calling out her name. Brent runs up to her, "Hey, Cait" he says, puffing. Mark glares at him, "Well, well, well if it isn'" Caitlyn supresses a giggle, that was the lamest thing anyone's ever said. "Oh, yeah, hi, umm so Caitlyn, I just wanted to say, can we change it to 5, I forgot I have to get up early tommorrow and I know the movie might end late so I wan't to get to bed at like...9, earlier would be better for me, is that okay?" Brent asks with a smile.

Caitlyn's about to answer but Mark buts in "Wait, you're going to the movies with this guy?" He questions as he thrusts his thumb in Brent's direction. "Obviously" Caitlyn answers dryly and Mark starts to snarl at Brent. "Listen, you can't just waltz in here and start going places with Caitlyn! We might've had plans!" Mark yells at Brent. Caitlyn's no expert on male interpersonal relationships but she knew this definately wasn't a normal reaction.

"Whoa I think you should calm down a bit, it's just the mov-" but Brent is cut of by Mark pushing him into the wall, his shoulder blades coming into fierce contact with the caloused brick behind them. "Ummm, this is a new shirt, it's getting dust on it" Brent says casually angering Mark even more. Mark goes in for the punch but it's blocked by Brent's reflexes.

Caitlyn stands there in awe, people are fighting over her, lucky the school's practically empty otherwise this would be 10x more awkward. Mark takes a forceful swing at Brent and fails miserably. "Well that was a whole lot of useless" Brent says as he dodges Mark's fists. This fight was definately Mark attacking and Brent defending himself. Caitlyn has to do something.

Now Caitlyn isn't any kind of black belt Karate expert but she isn't a princess either. She jumps in between Mark and Brent automatically stopping Mark's hits. "Listen you two," Caitlyn says "Stop fighting right now!" Brent and Mark get up off het floor and dust themselves off. Well didn't Caitlyn feel powerful.

"Okay I'm going to say this now. Brent, five is fine Bree will tell you where I live. And Mark, what the Hell is wrong with you?! You can't just go attacking people because I'm going to the movies with them. I can have other friends besides you, not that I consider you a friend anymore anyway" Caitlyn finishes her speech and, feeling bold, grabs Brent's arm as she walks out the hall. Leaving a very confused and hurt looking Mark.

As it should be.

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