Nice eyes

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"Haha, but what about when she walks and her ass like moves side to side 'cause she's such a slut" Michelle says as Caitlyn, Bree, Lily, Gabe and Brent laugh at her statement. They somehow ended up talking about Mara, apparently Caitlyn wasn't the only one who knew she was a bitch. Lily sais that in primary school her and Mara were bestfriends but then she realised how mean she was so she ditched her and that's why Mara hates Lily so much.

It's around 10 and thursday night Lily, michelle and Gabe left not long ago. Caitlyn should definately not be at a friends house right now, but if her parents really cared they would've called her in the days they were gone and made sure she was okay, it just shows that Caitlyn's more of a liability than an asset to her family. A yawn escapes her lip proceeded but a squeek which Brent notices. Well that's an embarrassing habbit she shouldn't show in public.

Brent smiles his gorgeous smile at Caitlyn and chuckles while he says "Ha, that was cute". 'Oh God, now i'm blushing!' Caitlyn thinks as her cheeks turn crimson red. "Ohh, umm thanks?" Caitllyn says uneasily. "Wow, you say umm, ahhh, and oh alot you know?". Oh dear, Brent was right, Caitlyn did say those things an awful lot. "Well I'll try not to from now on, just for you" Caitlyn says as she sticks her tongue out at Brent "Wow, I'm honoured!" he replies with. Oh my God, she was totally flirting with him and he was flirting back.

Then it hit her, all this time she was with her friends she totally forgot about Mark and what he did to her. She definately didn't love him? Did she ever, or was it jealousy? When they were kids he was always so sweet to her but she did realize as soon as they got to high school he would treat her less like a person and always 'joke' about her to his friends. As well as how he reacted when she told him what she thought of Talia. It all seemed so stupid now. She can't belive she wasted her blood sweat and tears on him. She practically broke her mirror and her laptop for him.

Was this it? Was this her realizing something? Did she really not love Mark? Well she managed to forget about him this quickly. Whoa it's kinda trppy, think you've loved someone all this time then suddenly realizing that you don't. It's kinda sad, Caitlyn's dissapointed in herself why would she do that for a guy who she finally knew never loved her back? "...Caitlyn, Caitlyn, Caitlyn?". 'What was that noise? Oh right Brent...' "What? Sorry I was just thinking"...About how I didn't love Mark ever and it was all in my imagination.

" About?" Brent questions as he raises an eyebrow. "Nothing, don't worry, you wouldn't get it anyway" "Well okay then" Brent says as he turns back to the telivision. "Wow Caitlyn it's really late, I don't want you to walk home at this time, do you mind sleeping on the couch for the night?" Bree asks Caitlyn. "No, that's fine" Caitlyn says with a smile as Bree leaves the room, it doesn't look like she's planning to come back either.

"Wow, sorry about Bree, she's does care but she just forgets about things sometimes, like the fact you need a pillow and blanket" Brent laughs as he exits the room. 'Wow I hope he comes back otherwise I'm awkwardly alone in someones house'. Brent returns a minute after a blanket and pillows in hand. "Thanks" Caitlyn smiles up at him as she takes the linen from his arms. "Naaa, don't mention it, by the way, you have really nice eyes" Brent casually says then leaves the room.

Caitlyn's mind freezes. Did he just say what she thought he did? Her eyes? her lame, dumb boring old eyes are nice? She must've misheard him. Or maybe it was because she wasn't use to getting compliments so she thought it was automatically an insult. Wow she does have issues. But at least she has nice eyes, or so Brent says.

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