Chapter Twenty-Two

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I look at my Mom with confusion written all over my face. What did she mean more people cared about me than I knew?

Before I can ask her, we're interrupted by Blake's announcement. He and others will capture Chase and Jared. The rest of us will prepare outdoor prisons for Chase's pack members who refuse to swear allegiance to Blake's pack.

I make my way towards Blake. I want to give him one more farewell kiss before he goes. None of us know what's going to happen and I don't want to be left thinking "What if?"

I stop beside him and he pulls me into his arms. We nuzzle our noses together and I give him a passionate farewell kiss. I can hear a few whistles of approval from the others, but I ignore them.

Blake pulls his face away from mine and looks into my eyes. "I'm gonna see you soon, ok baby?" He whispers. I nod and give him a peck.

"I'll hold you to that" I smirk. Blake chuckles and squeezes me tighter before letting me go and turning towards the group he had selected to accompany him.

"Boys, let's go" he shouts. He spanks me one last time before leaving. I watch him run with his crew until he disappears into the night. To think a week ago I was angry at him making comments about my butt. Now I love it.

I turn back to walk to my mom as I see her building makeshift prisons with the others who were left behind. She turns and smiles at me and I smile back as I help her.

"Mom" I ask.

"Yes baby?" She replies back, half concentrating on me, half concentrating on building.

"Before we got interrupted, I was trying to ask you what you meant when you said that I mean a lot to lot of people" I ask gently.

Mom suddenly goes stiff and avoids eye contact with me. I panic slightly at her sudden change in demeanor.

"Well, clearly a lot of people here find you very important as you're their Alpha's mate. His happiness is their happiness" she says quickly.

I raise an eyebrow. "Is that really what you meant? It sounded as if you were talking about...other people" I say.

"You're overthinking it baby" she says back to me with a smile. Anger starts to bubble inside of me.

"You haven't been in my life for as long as I remember, and the moment you come back, you decide to lie to me?" I whisper yell. "I've lived a life without you, and I can gladly continue to do so if you continue lying to my face" I say venomously.

As I watch her, I can see expressions of doubt and confusion flash across her face. My anger goes away and instead I begin to feel sympathy. She doesn't know me either. I need to show her that I care.

"Mom tell me the truth. Please. I haven't seen you for almost 10 years" I plead. She sighs and turns to me.

"I can't tell you now. But I will. I promise." she begins.

"When?" I ask her desperately. She turns around to make sure nobody is looking.

"After Chase and Jared are captured, meet me in my cabin. Tell nobody. Not even Blake. I don't know who I can trust" she whispers.

"You can trust Bla-" before I can finish - she grabs my hands.

"Promise me Mia. Promise me you won't tell anybody, especially Blake." She pleads. Her eyes are wide.

I'm a bit freaked out but I still nod silently and slowly. "Ok I won't tell anyone. I promise"

Mom sighs with relief. "Thank you sweetheart" she says gratefully before walking away to help others.

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