Chapter Eight

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I quickly scramble to my feet and start looking for places to hide. If Chasity finds me here, she'll never forgive me.

"Uhhh hey Chasity" I hear Blake stutter. He never stutters. Something's gone wrong.

Moments later, I hear the clickity-clack of her heels come up the stairs. She's coming up to his bedroom. I hear Blake rush behind her. My head turns as I try to look for hiding places. The wardrobe? Too small. Behind the curtain? She'll see my feet.

"Chasity, what are you doing?" I hear Blake shout, irritated.

"Just trying to make myself comfortable" she purrs back. The sound of her heels gets closer. She's going to see me.

After a few moments, I drop onto the floor and roll under the bed. I quickly grab my shoes which sit by the side of the bed and drag them underneath with me. I just manage to hide in time before Chasity enters Blake's bedroom.

"Chasity, what do you want?" Blake yells again. "Why are you in my bedroom?"

I hold my breath.

"Well, sweetie" she starts. The mattress creaks as she sits down. "I think it's time I'm honest with you."

My ears prick. What's she going to say?

"Look, now really isn't the best time..." Blake starts off before he's interrupted by Chasity as she coughs.

"Enough talking Blake" she starts off, as I hear her flick off her heels. My blood starts to boil.

"I came here to tell you that I like you." I hear her footsteps get closer to him. "We'd be the perfect match" she whispers.

Blake clears his throat uncomfortably.

"Chasity, I don't want to hurt you, but I'm not interested" I hear Blake say desperately,

"But baby, why?" Chasity whines. "We're both rich. Both good looking. What's the issue?"

"I just like somebody else. That's all. I don't want to talk about this anymore" I hear Blake reply sharply. My heart flutters. He really has changed.

"What? Who?!" Chasity shrieks. "Who could be better than me?"

My blood boils again. Does she really think she's better than everyone else? Even me. Wow. Maybe she wasn't really my friend.

"It's none of your damn business now get out of he-" Blake begins to yell again but he doesn't finish his sentence.

"What's this?" Chasity says. Blake doesn't respond. The shouting turns to silence.

"I said, Blake" Chasity repeats, menacingly. "What's this?"

Blake doesn't respond.

"What? You don't know what underwear is now?" Chasity says snidely. I quickly feel in between my legs. Oh no. That's my underwear.

"Chasity, listen..." Blake starts off before I hear Chasity's feet move.

"Where is she, huh, Blake?"

My heart leaps into my throat. She's going to find me. I quickly pull my legs closer to me as I hear the doors of the wardrobe fly open.

"Not in the wardrobe? Okay, how about behind the curtains!" Chasity screams as she pulls them back. Nobody's there.

I hear Chasity's feet run off.

"I know she's in the bathroom Blake!" I hear her scream. This is my chance. Whilst she's left the bedroom, I can escape.

I quickly slide out from underneath the bed and put my OBEY jumper back on. I pull my shoes out from under the bed and lace them up before I run out of the bedroom. I can still hear Chasity shouting from the bathroom. I quickly but quietly slide my way past the bathroom door and make my way down the stairs. I'm almost free.

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