Chapter Fifteen

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I clutch Blake's arm.

"What do you mean he's coming for me?" I whimper.

"He's here. I don't know how. He shouldn't be. He should still be healing after how I dealt with him in the forest" he whispers back.

"What did you do to him?" I ask.

"I'll explain later Mia. There's no time now. We have to go." He takes me by my hand and pulls me with me. We make our way out of the school and get onto his bike before we speed off.

I'm not sure why we had to leave school, surely the teachers would've been enough protection? Blake clearly didn't think so though. Whatever Chase planned to do to me at school, it was enough for Blake to think leaving would keep me safe.

Eventually, we pull up at a house. I recognize it but I don't remember why.

"This is my house, remember?" Blake answers my thoughts. He needs to stop reading my mind.

"You want me to stop reading your mind?" He asks, smirking.

"BLAKE!" I scream. He needs to stop.

Blake laughs. "One day I'll teach you how to put up a mental block so I can't read your thoughts....but it's too early now." I roll my eyes.

We go inside and sit on the couch. My nerves are through the roof. What have I done for Chase to want to hurt me? I'm just Blake's girlfriend, nothing else.

Blake clears his throat. Oh, he's definitely read my mind again.

"What?" I snip.

"There's something I haven't told you yet about me being a werewolf......and well, why I fell for you so quickly" he finishes.

I rub my forehead. Why did I have to steal this boy from Chasity? He's got too much baggage.

"What didn't you tell me?" I ask.

"You're my mate, Mia. How do I explain this..." He asks himself. "You're basically my soulmate. You can feel it too. It happens by itself. You even said in your mind that you love me."

I stare at Blake. So, he heard me say that I love him and now he's saying that we're soulmates. As in, we're meant to be together forever.

Blake stares at me. I know he's read my mind, but he doesn't want to respond and annoy me.

"Just say it Blake I know you read my mind" I huff.

"Yes...together forever" he mutters before going into the kitchen to give me some space.

I stay sat down on the sofa and try to process everything that's happened. I'm Blake's soulmate and he's mine. Chase was beaten up by Blake. The best way for him to get payback is by coming for me. To come for me, he has to come for my brother.

I piece everything together and it all starts to make sense. Our sudden feelings for each other, his overprotectiveness of me, Luna's jealousy, his rejection of's all because I'm his mate. I'm his soulmate.

Instantly, my heart is filled with love and I regret my anger towards Blake. He loves me and I love him. I quickly get up and run into the kitchen to join him. He's topless for some reason and making some eggs.

"Hey" I say meekly.

He turns around and motions at the eggs to see if I want any. I shake my head and sit on the stool. We stay silent for a few moments.

"I love you Blake" I blurt out. I don't know how else to say it. I've never fallen in love before.

He puts down the spatula and turns around again.

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