Chapter Two

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I manage to reach class seconds before the door closes. My eyes scan the room before they land on my best friend, Chasity, and I quickly sit at the desk next to hers.

We've been best friends since second grade ever since she gave me half of her P&B sandwich. It was the day after my mom had just died. My dad had gone out drinking and me and my brother hadn't seen him for a week. Chasity saw me sitting alone in the cafeteria and sat next to me. She was my guardian angel. She's taken care of me my whole life. Her parents are hardly around too, but that's only because they're always on business trips, so whenever I come over, we always have the house and pool to ourselves.

"Did you hear about Jasper's party tonight?" she asked with a smirk as she pushed a blonde curl behind her ear.

"No, are you going?" I asked.

"Not without you!" she squealed back as I winced.

"Come on Chasity, you know I'm not into parties" I moaned. "Plus, I'm a nerd. Nobody wants me there"

"Uh, I want you there! Plus, I wanna see if I can get to third base with Blake" she winked.

His name sent a shiver down his spine as I remembered what had just happened in the hall, but it wasn't the bad kind.

"My house. 8pm" she continued. "We're going to be the hottest girls there".

I roll my eyes and sighed. All I wanted to do was listen to BVB's new album.

But I couldn't let my best friend go alone.

"Fine" I groaned. "I'll come, but you owe me!"

"YES!!" she squealed again. "I'll see you then, you better not be late" she said right before the bell rang and we got up and made our way to second period. As we walked down the hall together, I was suddenly shoved in the shoulder and sent flying into the lockers before crumpling to the ground.

"Brittany, you bitch" yelled Chasity. I opened my eyes to see Brittany and her minions huddled together giggling at the sight of me.

Hot tears began to furiously stream down my face as I got up.

"Awww, is the nerd crying?" Brittany sneered. Before I could open my mouth to respond, she was shoved against the wall and the laughing stopped. I looked to see who it was and my heart stopped. It can't be. It was Blake Griffin.

I froze.

"How do you like it now?" He whispered loud enough for everyone to hear.

"Let go of me before I get my boyfriend to kick your ass!" Brittany hissed back as she fought to slip her hand out of his wrist.

"Who? Noah?" he smirked.

"You gonna get him to do that before or after you sleep with the whole football team?" he chuckled.

Brittany's face turned red as she pushed him off and scurried off with her minions, Lexi and Brianna.

He turned around and rushed over to me. "You ok?" He asked with worried eyes.

My heart skipped a beat as he checked over my hands to make sure that they were ok. Quickly, my disgust for him returned and I snatched my hands back.

"I didn't need your help" I said as my face twisted. What had gotten over this guy?

"What's your problem?" he replied, pissed.

"I can look after myself" I huffed.

"So, when someone sticks up for you, that's how you say thank you?" He said.

Embarrassment filled me up and my face turned beetroot red. "T-thanks" I stuttered as my eyes turned downwards.

He smirked at my embarrassment. "It's alright, babe" he winked before walking away.

"Asshole" I muttered to myself as I started to leave. As soon as I turned around, I was face to face with Chasity.

Oh shit. She's seen everything. My best friends crush just called me babe.

"Chasity, it's not what it looks like I swe-"

"Save it" she says over me, before storming off and left me standing in the hallway all alone.

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