Chapter Fourteen

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I get off of Blake's motorcycle and we make our way into school. I had a new sense of vengeance growing inside of me. My walk was no longer meek. It was strong and confident, and I stride ahead of Blake.

Nobody could touch us. The Nerd and the Bad Boy. The Nerd and the Alpha. We were untouchable and we were going to punish those who took advantage when I was at my weakest.

As we walked through the hallway, the familiar sound of Brittany's shrieks of laughter rang in my ears. My blood boiled. Her boyfriend was in hospital and she had still not visited. Instead, what was she doing? She was laughing like nothing had happened.

My eyes scanned the hallway as I tried to find her. I wasn't going to let her get away with this again. My eyes finally catch her; I can see her standing with Lexi and Brianna. Her two trolls. My legs move faster as I make my way over there.

The banging of my feet seems to grab her attention as her head turns and I see a familiar smirk spread across her face.

"Aww is little Mia ang-"

I bang my fist against her locker. The trio gasp and jump simultaneously. Carbon copies of one another.

"Listen to me" I hiss. "You ever talk to me wrong again, ever bother me again, look at me wrong again... I promise you those days are over, Brittany" I continue. Her mouth gawps slightly in shock. I've never raised my voice at her before.

"Whilst Noah is in hospital, you're here laughing. You haven't even visited him" I restrain myself from grabbing her.

"What can he do for me whilst he's in a coma?" Brittany replies back snottily. My blood pressure goes up.

"You were only with him so he can do stuff for you?!" I scream. The chatter in the hallway goes silent.

"I mean, there was only so much he could do, or have you forgotten that you live in a sha-" before she can finish, I grab her shirt and pull her close to me.

"Say it, I dare you" I whisper. Her eyes go wide and she stutters.

"Say it" I challenge her again, but she goes silent. I let go and push her away.

"Let me catch you in these stree- hallway, Brittany!" I yell.

I hear Blake shouting "OOOOOH!" as he follows behind. Yeah that's my man, big me up. Show them!!!

He jogs in front of me with a huge smile on his face. "Is that my girl yeah?" He laughs. "I'm really proud of you Mia, you've come out of your shell" I smile and hug him.

"I've dealt with Brittany, now we find who did this to Noah" Blake nods and we make our way to English class. Our regular teacher, Mrs. Riley, is really chill so we ignore the seating schedule and sit where we want - next to each other of course.

Just before the lesson was about to start, the devil herself walks in.

It's Luna. The First of Her Breasts.

She makes eye contact with me and winks. I swear if she winks one more time -

Blake puts his hand on my leg. "Calm down" he whispers.

Oh yeah, he can read my mind. I forgot.

"Don't let her get to you" he continues. "You have me" I give him a kiss. I then hear someone shout "WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT ALLOWED" from the back of the class but I don't care. Blake is my Alpha and I'm his baby girl.

I try my best to ignore Luna as she struts past me and Blake and sits directly behind us, but my blood pressure won't stop rising. I can feel my head pounding with anger at the sound of her breath.

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