Chapter Six

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My breath stops. I sit quietly underneath the table as I stare at Blake's red Chuck Taylors. Whose voice was that? I can't believe this.

I wipe the sweat from my upper lip and listen in. A part of me wants to run out and scream. The other part wants to wait.

"Ahaha, h-hey" I hear Blake reply back nervously before clearing his throat.

"I missed you baby" the chirpy voice replies. She sounds big breasted.

"I'm not sure why you would" he hisses.

"After how you flung me around last week? How could I not?" she replied seductively.

Yeah of course she wasn't a virgin. I smile to myself - at least I am.

"Oh" Blake replied back flustered. "Right, that".

"Well duh...anyway listen" the big breasted voice responds. Suddenly, her legs swing over Blake's as she sits on his lap. "After last week, I haven't been able to stop thinking about you" her breastacular voice purred into his ear.

The girl's sandal cladded feet were inches away from my face. Her toes? Exposed. I fought the urge not to bite them. Instead, I listened on.

"I- I really think you should forget about me, Luna" Blake replied back nervously as he gently shoved her off of his lap.

"You're playing hard to get. I see. No problem" she continued. "If you don't imprint know" she giggled before she sauntered off.

I slowly stand up from underneath the table booth and stare at Blake.

"Listen, it's not what it looks li-" he starts off.

"No, Blake. You listen" I say sternly as tears start to stream down my face. "I knew you were too good to be true. I knew I couldn't be lucky enough to find someone so sweet. I'm destined to never find love. I'm a nerd. I'll never be allowed to be happy" I say before I run out of the diner. My tears blind me as I run away faster and faster. I'm not sure if he shouted my name or not. I don't care.

Eventually I collapse on the pavement and my chest heaves as tears and yelps flow out of me. How could I have believed him? I've forgotten my place in the world. I'm not popular or a cheerleader. I'm a nobody. A nerd. Yet I thought I deserved love. How could I think that?

"Mia!" I hear a voice shout. I turn around. It's Blake Griffin.

"Leave me alone" I cry out tearfully. "You lied to me!"

"Mia please, let me explain!" Blake shouts back as he runs over.

"Please...just go. I need to be alone right now" I sigh as I wipe tears from my face.

"Mia. Please. I promise it isn't what it looks like" he pleads.

I turn around. "So, what was it MEANT to look like?" I sneer back.

Blake sighs as he rakes his fingers through his dark curls. "Listen...before I bumped into you in the hallway, I was a different person. Meeting you transformed me. Something lit up inside of me. You're all I can think about. Before you, I just slept around. I was never able to connect with girls. But make me whole. Luna is the past. Forgive me. Please" Blake cupped my face with both of his hands.

"I don't know what to believe anymore. I shouldn't be messing around with you. You're my best friends crush. I betrayed her and now I'm paying for it. We should stay away from each other. We will never work. You ride motorcycles, I ride bicycles. Go for Chasity. I need to go" I cry softly at him.

"What don't you understand?" Blake growls. "You're the one I want. Not Chasity. Mia. Only Mia."

My heart leaps into my throat and my palms sweat. Why does he want me so much?

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