Chapter Eighteen

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As I run through the forest, all I can think about is Blake. Oh God, I need to stop! I need to learn how to block my thoughts. But how? All I can think about is dragging my tongue across Blake's thick neck and his veiny -

I shake my head. Stop Mia.

I try again. This time, I picture nothing but a blank slate in my mind. This must work, right? I'm not thinking about anything specific....if my mind appears empty, they shouldn't be able to notice me. Great.

I continue to run through the forest. Eventually, I reach Blake's house, but I see two Ford trucks parked outside. I freeze. Ok Mia, now's the time. Blank mind. Get inside. Save Blake. Escape. Whatever you do, don't think. Not even for a second. Your life and Blake's life depends on it.

I take a deep breath before sneaking around the perimeter of the house. I carefully peek through the windows to find an empty room I can sneak into, or to at least see where Blake has been kept.

Oh, and Noah. I forgot about him.

Finally, I manage to spot them. There's Blake. I can see him sat on the couch with his head in his hands. He looks stressed. I can see his muscles pressing against his sleeve. Oh my, that bulge in his jea-

"WHO'S THINKING ABOUT PENIS?!" I hear a voice roar inside.

Oh no. They know I'm here.

"Mia?" I hear Blake's muffled voice from behind the window. He can hear my thoughts. I can see him smirking. I bang the window so he can see me. He runs to the window and lifts it up.

"What are you doing here??? They're going to ki-"

"Get me in, NOW!" I yell.

He pulls me in and I land on top of him as he topples over. I can feel his hard chest under me. His hands on my hips. Our lips so close to one anoth-

"YO WHO'S THINKING ABOUT PENIS?!" The voice yells again. I quickly think about the blank slate again.

"You need to control your thoughts girl" Blake growls. I blush.

"Well I would know how to if you taught me how to put up a mental block" I hiss.

Blake leans next to my ear. "Now where would be the fun in that?" He whispers.

I roll my eyes. "This isn't the time. We need to go. Now." I say as I grab his hand and try to pull him along with me.

"Go? Chase will come after us, in fact, his guys already know you're here. Mia, you need to leave right no-"

"It's a TRAP Blake! There is no plan. Luna told me everything." I yell.

"Hold up Luna? As in, the Luna who ambushed you? Came to our school? Literally held a kni-"

I interrupt him again. "Yes, I know! She said it was all an act. She doesn't agree with how far he's taking it. She helped me escape. Come on we have to go!" I weep.

"I don't trust her at all. I'm staying here" he replies as he refuses to move. I rub my temple out of frustration. I really should've let Chasity have him.

Blake gives me a dirty look. I quickly divert my gaze and change the subject.

"Listen to me" I demand. "Chase was never going to give you a fair chance. He knows I'm your mate. He knew that you'd choose me and give him the blood bond. Except, when you did, I wasn't going to be there anymore." I sigh.

"What do you mean?" Blake growls. "This was all a trap?"

"You were never going to get me or keep the blood bond. Both Chase and Jared were going to fix their problems, even if that meant betraying the deal" I finish. I stay quiet as I watch Blake process it all.

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