Chapter Sixteen

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"NOAH?" I scream as I push my way in front of Blake to look through the peephole. It is him. I quickly unlock the door and hug him. He hugs me back tightly.

"How did you get here?" Blake asks. Noah shrugs.

"I don't know man, I just felt pulled here. Like something was telling me to come to this address."

Blake invites him inside and shuts the door. We walk him to the living room and he sits down on the couch. Nobody speaks for a few moments. We're in disbelief.

"When did you wake up?" I blurt out. "Does Dad know you're awake? Do the doctors know? How do you fee-"

Blake stops me as he puts his hand on my shoulder.

"Relax" he says gently. I let out a breath and nod.

"Sorry" I say to Noah. He smiles and rubs his knees. He's nervous.

"I woke up a couple of hours ago. Doctors ran some tests on me and I pretty much discharged myself around 30 minutes ago. You're the only person who visited me Mia." He turns to Blake. "You too - Brittany, Dad... nobody else visited me." He stops as if he doesn't know whether to continue.

"What is it?" I whisper.

Noah looks at me and sighs. "I heard what you said Mia. People in comas can hear....I just have to ask if it was real or not."

My chest tightens. I didn't know he could hear me. I thought all of him was asleep.

"What part are you referring to...?" I stall, hoping that he heard something else.

Noah raises his eyebrow at me. "I'm obviously talking about Blake being a fricking werewolf."

Blake stands up. "She told you WHAT?" He yells before looking at me. I ignore his gaze and continue staring forward, pretending I can't see him.

"Look at me Mia" he growls.

I turn and look at him. "Yes?" I say sweetly.

"You told Noah something I told you in confidence? Something that my people have kept a secret for thousands of years?"

I don't answer. Instead, I continue to smile. I don't really know how to answer him. I did mess up, but I also don't want to admit it. Thankfully, Noah steps in and has my back.

"It's ok, I won't tell. I owe you guys" he smiles. "I just can't believe I was attacked by a werewolf..."

I wince at the thought. My only brother and Chase tried to take him away from me. All because I rejected him.

"Don't worry" Blake says. "I'm going to find him and then I'm going to deal with him" he says menacingly.

"Na brother" Noah replies as he stands up. "We'll deal with him."

As he says that, all three of us put our hands in the middle.

"On 3" I shout.



"Three... GO WILDCATS!" We yell before marching out of the front door.

Somehow, we've all agreed non-verbally to make our way to Chase's pack.

Eventually we arrive after following Blake's lead. Noah drove his car whilst I went with Blake on his motorcycle. We pull up at what appears to be a mansion of sorts. As we make our way towards the front door, Blake stops us and turns to me.

"Mia, remember the story I told you about my father? About the pack he was giving the hush money to?" He asks.

I nod. "Yeah...why?"

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