Chapter Ten

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"NOAH!" I scream as he storms off. I quickly follow him as I try to get him to slow down

"WHAT?" he spins around angrily. "Is this why Chasity isn't speaking to you?"

"H-how did you know?" I stutter.

"You think she didn't tell me?" He yells. "Y'know, right after she asked me to return some dress and heels she lent you? Why are you even begging for clothes anyway?"

"I didn't!" I shriek. "I wore them for a party! Why are you trying to embarrass me?"

Noah snorts. "Right" he begins. "As if you weren't just embarrassing yourself in the janitor's closet with that..." he peers over my shoulder to stare at Blake. "With that loser."

I stay silent as he walks off. Brittany is hot on his heels, giggling away.

Hot tears stream down my face. Blake jogs to my side and wipes away my tears.

"We don't need them" he sighs. "We have each other."

"That's my brother Blake!" I yell. "What do you mean I don't need him?"

Blake stares at me.

"Sorry" he begins "I just don't know what that feels like."

"What?" I ask "Having a brother?"

He shrugs "Having a family I guess."

"Your dad was at your house last night" I answer confused

"He's not my father" his teeth grit. "He doesn't deserve that title."

"What do you mean?" I ask. "He can't be any more worse than my father."

Blake looks at me gravely. "You have no idea." My face falls.

"There was something else I needed to tell you know, before you called me a furry." I turn red out of embarrassment.

"Oh right...what was it?"

"Do you know what an Alpha Wolf is, Mia?" He asks gently.

"I think so...didn't Mrs. Jamison say that an Alpha Wolf is the leader of a wolf pack?"

"Yes, basically" he starts off. "But because I'm a werewolf, well...we also have Alphas."

"Yeah okay so is your Dad the Alpha? Is that why you're scared of him? Because he's your leader?" I ask. Blake's face twists.

"He WAS the leader. But not anymore" he grits. "He got...'voted out''" he says with air quotes.

"Voted out?" I ask "So who's the Alpha?"

Blake gulps. "I'm the Alpha now."

"YOU'RE THE ALPH-" I start to scream before Blake covers my mouth.

"Don't be so loud!" He hisses "You understand this is a secret right?"

I nod my head frantically and he lets my mouth go.

"You're the Alpha?!" I scream whisper.

"Yes" he replies back calmly.

"Why isn't your Dad the Alpha? How are you your father's leader?" I begin. "Also, how are you scared of your own father when you're basically his...boss?" I end off.

Blake holds back a laugh whilst keeping his expression serious. "Because the title was taken from him and given to me. He broke pack law."

"Pack law?" I ask

"Yes, pack law. We have our own set of rules like every other society."

"Right...of course of course" I murmur.

Blake looks at me as if he's trying to make a decision. Ultimately it seems that he chose to go against the decision he wanted to make as he smiles instead of further explaining.

"I think that's enough Wolf Q&A for today, don't you?" he grins and squeezes me.

I nod and smile back. I seem to be oddly calm about this.

"Wouldn't want anyone to hear us anyway, this is a pretty big secret" he smirks before turning towards me.

"Unless you were moaning... I wouldn't mind everyone hearing that" he winks. A shiver goes down my spine and I bite back a moan.

"Blake" I whisper.

He leans next to my ears.

"If you want, we can go now" he growls. His breath tickles my ear and my heart.

Before I can reply, footsteps turn around the corner. It's Chasity. She stops as soon as she sees us and stares. Nobody says a thing.

Before I can open my mouth, a snake-like giggle follows her from behind. I know that laugh. I could recognize it anywhere. It's Brittany. Again. When she sees us, a shriek emits from her mouth as she puts her hand on Chasity's shoulder. Chasity smirks at her.

"I can't believe you used to be friends with her" Brittany cackles. Chasity bursts into a fit of laughter.

"I know, right?" Chasity looks me in the eye. "She'd literally abandon her best friend for the first guy who gives her attention." My heart drops.

Blake steps in front of me.

"You should really respect yourself Chasity" he sneers. "You've been flirting with me all year and I still never gave you attention. So, what did you do? You came to my house and basically begged for me."

I gasp. Chasity turns red.

"Don't get mad at Mia because she was able to win me over. Clearly she has something that you lack." At this point, even Brittany is gasping.

My head turns between staring at Blake and Chasity. Tears of anger roll down her cheeks.

"And maybe she was wearing two-day old underwear, but you know what? That underwear smelled a whole lot better than you do right now."

My throat is itching to cough but I hold it in to avoid drawing attention to myself. A crowd has now formed around us.

"It was a day and a half" I mutter desperately. Blake flashes me a look and I keep quiet.

Chasity stays silent. Her anger is still boiling. Instead, Brittany decides to join in.

"Day and a half or not, Mia" she says snidely "You still live in a shack."

"Brittany, you literally date my broth-" before I can finish a familiar voice ripples through the crowd.

"Well well, what do we have here?"

I know that voice. It's a heavy voice. A breastacular kind of voice.

I turn around and my eyes go wide.

It's Luna. She's joined my school. She's joined Raven High.

My heart races as my mind flashes back to the night in the forest. I feel Blake's hand tighten its grip on my shoulder and he quietly growls.

Highschool just got a whole lot harder.

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