Chapter Twenty-Five

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As I watch Mia run off, feelings of confusion and annoyance begin to bubble within me. I did this all for her - for us, but something appears to be more important to her. I don't understand. What could be more important than me risking my life to save our relationship?

I shake my head and turn around. I don't bother to chase after her. We'll talk about it when I see her again.

"Don't worry about her" Luna says as she places a hand on my shoulder. "You know she loves you. I'm sure it's just something really important."

I sigh and nod as we walk off to meet the rest of the pack. For the next couple of hours, we all talk and laugh at the stories we tell one another whilst sat around the massive campfire. As much as I'm smiling, I start to worry and wonder where Mia is. Where is she? What was so important that she needed to run off for hours?

I begin to think about her mom. This strange behavior only started happening when she randomly came back into her life. Every time I tried to read her thoughts, she had blocked them. I remember her looking at me. She knew that I was trying to read them. She was blocking them on purpose. Why? What was she hiding?

"Hey, you free right now?" Kim says as she comes up beside me.

I turn and look at her. "Yeah, what's up?" I ask confused.

She looks around and then looks at me. "We need to talk. Follow me" she says.

I get up and walk behind her as she takes me to a quiet part of the campsite. "What's going on Kim?" I ask. "You've never asked for a private chat before."

"It's your girlfriends mom. She's weird. I don't know how to explain it, but I know she isn't just here for Mia. She's got ulterior motives" she whispers.

"What do you mean?"

"Bro, how didn't you notice? She blocked her thoughts pretty much all the time. Whenever I was able to hear them, they were always about weapons" she says.

I raise my eyebrows in shock. "Weapons? What's going on? This doesn't sound right" I say.

"Relax, I don't think she plans on using them on Mia. But I think you need to watch your back" she says cautiously.

"Do you think Mia is with her now?" I ask. Kim shrugs.

"Probably. Where else would she have gone?"

My blood runs cold. Could Mia know about this? Is that why she didn't want to tell me where she was going?

I stand in silence for a few moments as I think about what I need to do. I don't know if Mia is in danger or is a part of this. Either way, I need to find her. Fast.

"Go gather everyone. Ask if any of them were able to read Mia's thoughts before she left. If anyone saw what direction she was going in and if anyone else was able to hear her mom's thoughts" I order.

"Oh, I don't think that's necessary" a deep voice says behind me. It's husky and sounds as if it came from a bronzed guy.

I turn around and I'm correct. He is bronzed.

"Who are you?" I ask angrily.

The bronzed man chuckles. "Ah that question. It's going to be hilarious to hear that again" he says.

I look him up and down. I don't recognize him.

"Kim, sweetie" he says before pulling out a thick envelope from his back pocket. "Here's your reward."

Kim takes it sheepishly. She avoids eye contact with me but I grab her arm.

"What did you do?" I ask menacingly.

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