Chapter Nine

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"Your father?" I whisper, shocked. "I thought you lived alone!"

"I do!.... Kinda" he replies back sheepishly. "My dad...he isn't meant to be here"

"Why not...." I begin. But before I finish, another roar fills the house. Instead of answering, he grabs me by my shoulders and escorts me to the window.

"What are you doing?" I screech.

"Be quiet!" he pleads. "I need you to climb out."

My eyes go wide.


"Mia, it's not safe. I can't protect you right now. I'm so sorry" he pleads, his eyes are desperate.

"Why are you so scared?" I ask, confused. "He's just your dad, right?"

Blake looks at me with stress knitted all over his face. "I'll explain to you later, you just need to leave!" He says as he opens the window and helps me get onto the ledge.

"I'll see you at school tomorrow" he continues before giving me a peck. "I promise I'll explain then."

Before I can answer he shuts the window.

So, there I am. All 5'2 of me standing on the ledge with no underwear on.

I carefully grab onto a pipe nearby and wriggle my way downwards as I make sure not to look down at the distance between me and the ground.

Eventually, I manage to land safe and well. I quickly shuffle my way out of the shrubbery and run as far as I can from the house. After a few moments of running, I end up in a familiar part of town and I'm able to find my way back home. I sigh. I would've stayed at Chasity's house after a day like this.

As I arrive home and open the door, I'm instantly greeted with the smell of beer and unwashed dishes. Tears start to form in my eyes. Where's Noah? Where's the Dad that I deserved?

I run up to Noah's bedroom and find a note. He's gone to stay at Brittany's for the night.

I make my way back to the kitchen and start to wash the rotting dishes. God, how many days have they been in there? Ever since I met Blake, I've been so out of it. I'm the one who looks after this house. If it wasn't for me, it would've fallen apart by now.

As I wash, my daydreams are filled with the memories of when Mom used to make us dinner and we'd always come back home to a clean house which smelled of lemon and lavender. Those days are gone. It's just me now, and Noah occasionally. I wipe away a tear with my shoulder.

I quickly finish tidying up before making my way up to my room and collapsing onto my bed. As I lay on the soft mattress, I slowly drift to sleep whilst the smell of Blake on my sweater comforts me.

The next morning, I wake up and jump in the shower. As I wash my body, the warm water comforts me. It reminds me of love. It reminds me of Blake. It reminds me of what it feels like to be -

I quickly snap out of my thoughts and step out of the shower. I dry off and spray myself with a Victoria Secret mist. I then tie my hair into a messy bun and put on a pair of black leggings, an oversized hoodie and sneakers. I quickly grab my backpack and make my way outside.

As I walk, my body tenses as I expect Blake to run up from behind and twirl me around. But he isn't here. Disappointment overtakes me. Where is he? Why is he so scared of his Dad? What if I don't see him today?

I have no Chasity to pick me up. No Noah. No Blake. I get on my bicycle and peddle to school. I would usually listen to Nirvana, but my heart is too sad.

I finally arrive at school and make my way to homeroom. As soon as I enter, realization sinks in. I no longer have Chasity My eyes scan the room and land on her, but she avoids my gaze. Instead, she's talking to Matias. He's one of the few nice guys at our school. He's a jock but he's different. He's sweet. I could understand why Chasity likes him. The two of them giggle at the back of the classroom

I keep my head down and make my way to a seat at the front. I take out my sketchbook and scribble until the bell rings.

As soon as the bell rings, I swing on my backpack and make my way to AP Maths. At least my nerdiness will never abandon me. As I walk past the janitor's closet, a hand reaches out and pulls me in, making sure to cover my mouth so nobody can hear me scream.

I start to swing my arms in self-defense, but my arm is grabbed before it can hit anything and I'm twirled around.

It's Blake Griffin.

"Blake!" I scream as he pulls me in for a hug and nuzzles his face into my neck.

"Hey baby" he murmurs. "I missed you."

"Mia listen" he says sternly. "Every time I try to tell you this, I get interrupted whether it's my Dad or Chasity or whatever."

My heart begins to race. He's about to tell me the truth.

He holds my face and kisses me. "Please don't be scared."

"I won't. I promise" I squeeze his hand.

"Mia" he starts. "I'm a werewolf."

I stare at him.

"What?" I ask.

"I'm a werewolf" he repeats.

My body freezes and fills with rage. "Has this whole relationship just been a prank?" I hiss.

"Mia, what? I'm telling you the truth" Blake says, offended.

"Did Brittany ask you to do this? Go out with the nerd and make her fall for you? Only to tell her that you're like a what? A furry?" I weep as I grab my bag and make my way out.

"Did you just call me a FURRY?!" Blake yells back, pulling the door shut so I can't get out.

"You're messing with me!" I scream. "You made me think that you liked me! I lost my best friend over you!" I howl as I try to open the door, but he holds it shut.

"I'm telling you the truth" he hisses. "That's why you had to leave last night."

I turn around and look at him as he says ,"if my father had seen you, I don't know what would've happened."

"So, you're really...a werewolf? AWOOO one?" I sound out a howl.

"...Yes. Not exactly, but similar" Blake hesitates.

"Right...right" I reply. I don't really know what to say.

"So, do you 'turn' during a full moon?" I ask. Blake's face twists and bursts into laughter.

"No. I can pretty much do it on demand" He snorts. "Like that night at the forest. How do you think you ended up in my bed?" He winks. I blush as I remember that night before confusion fills my mind.

"So, you held me in your...jaw? Your mouth? I don't know" I mutter.

Blake chuckles. "We'll go through the specifics later baby. You seem to be taking this really well...besides the furry part" he smiles. His teeth are so beautiful.

"I guess. I'm not really sure how else to take it. I'm not scared though" I giggle.

"Oh, you sure you're not?" He growls back as he comes closer, causing me to push my back against the wall.

"Werewolf or not, I could still kick your butt" I smirk.

"Well we'll just have to find out won't w-", suddenly the janitor's door flies open.

"So, what do we have here?" I hear a snake-like voice laugh. My head spins around. Oh no. It's Brittany.

But she's not what makes my heart leap into my throat.


It's Noah. My big brother Noah. And he's just caught me making out with the bad boy.

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