Chapter Eleven

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Luna smirked at us whilst she cocked her hip. She diverted her eyes to Blake and licked her lips. He let out a louder, angrier growl in response.

"L-Luna" I whispered.

"Yes sweetie, it's me" she winked. She acted as if that night didn't happen.

"What are you doing here?" Blake said as his chest raised up and down harder and faster as he grew angrier. I placed my hand on it to calm him down.

"I can't get an education, Blakey?" she winked.

"What about Chase's?" he smirked. Anger spread across Luna's face.

"He'll be back eventually" she hissed.

"I'm sure he will" Blake held back a laugh. By now the crowd had disappeared and it was just us five left.

Luna's turned to look at me. "I'm assuming you know now?" She sneered.

I shook my head. I was still scared of her.

"Good" she smirked. "That'll make this all a whole lot easier."

"Make what easy?" I asked fearfully

Before I could finish, Blake hushed me. He pointed towards Chasity and Brittany who looked at us with confusion.

"Oh, don't leave us out of it" Brittany quipped.

"Well you're gorgeous" Luna commented as she made her way to Chasity and Brittany. "I'm assuming you two aren't friends with..." she motions at me.

"No" Chasity replies, smirking. "We're not."

"Great" Luna purrs before side-eyeing me. "Let's chat."

Blake steps forward but I hold him back. "Leave them" I whisper. He looks at me gently and nods. We watch the trio saunter off, giggling and shrieking.

"Let's go" he murmurs before turning around and walking towards the exit.

"We're skipping again?" I whine.

"Yes, let's go" he says sternly before walking out. I sigh and trail behind him before we get on the bike and ride off school premises. After 15 minutes we pull up at a forest. It's the same forest I was in when Chase and Luna....I shake my head at the thought.

"Hey" he says gently to me "It's okay, I'm here. Nothing is going to happen to you."

He takes my hand and leads me into the forest. I take slow, deep breaths to calm myself down. As we walk deeper into the forest, I start to see trees with markings on them.

"Where are we going?" I ask as I look at the markings.

"I'm going to show you something it's important to my people...or pack. Whichever makes sense to you" I smile at his attempt to explain.

Eventually, we reach what seems to be a campfire but there's no flames.

"What's this?" I laugh. "Are we about to sing kumbaya?"

"No Mia" Blake laughs as he leans back on the tree. "I'm just showing you where you'll be meeting me tonight."

"The woods...?" I say cautiously. "You know what happened last time, right?"

"Hey" he whispers as he cups my face again. "Nothing will happen to you here Mia, ever again. I promise." He stares deeply into my eyes as I melt.

"So why am I meeting you here?" I ask.

"Well" he starts off sheepishly "I want you to meet my pack."

"Don't you think that's pretty fast?" I ask cautiously.

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