Chapter Twelve

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My body shakes as Blake walks me to Noah's hospital room. The strong smell of disinfectant makes my eyes water. It had been a couple of hours since he was released from surgery and I was finally allowed to see him, but I was too scared to.

"I'll wait outside" Blake whispers as he opens the door for me. I step in and look at Noah but instead I see a sleeping man wrapped in bandages and casts.

"Noah" I whisper as I walk towards him. Of course, he doesn't respond. I sit down on the chair next to him. I take in the sight of his body. My bulky 6'5 brother now wrapped and weak. I stare at him as I hope for him to leap up and say he's fine, but I know that won't happen

I think back to the night in the forest. Luna's appearance. Chase's disappearance. Today. So much has happened and I don't know why. A few days ago, I was a nerd who listened to Nirvana and had a best friend. Today, I have a werewolf boyfriend who loves to vape with me. This was a world I didn't know existed. But now Noah is paying the price.

I look at Noah again. We haven't had a proper heart to heart in ages. I decide that now is the best time - he probably can't even hear me.

"Noah this is all my fault." My voice breaks. "Blake is a werewolf. We're together and I guess it upset some people."

I guess it's better to just say it all at once instead of rambling. Something inside me has changed. I'm no longer the meek nerd. I'm the strong nerd. I won't let people make me nervous.

"But don't worry Noah" I continue. "They won't get away with this."

I stand up and kiss his forehead before I leave. Blake sees me and quickly stuffs his vape pen back into his pocket. I don't wait and continue to walk past. I love him but the rage within me is strong.

Wait. Did I just say I love him? How did this happen?

"Woah why you running?" Blake pants as he jogs to catch up with me

"Sorry, I just need to get back to school" I say through gritted teeth. Blake grabs my shoulder to stop me.

"Are you sure you want to?" He says gently. "Today's been a pretty heavy day."

"We know who did this!" I yell. "We need to speak to Luna, she needs to tell us where Chase is! He did this!"

"Hey, we don't know that for sure. But I wouldn't rule him out" he says gently. "Let's chill for now. When you meet my pack tonight, we'll all discuss."

"Discuss what?" I said irritated. My sudden feelings of love mixed with grief for Noah have me on edge.

"Trust me" Blake comforts. "We'll sort something out. They won't get away with this. Even if Luna didn't do anything, she knows who did."

I sigh and nod. We make our way out of the hospital and stand in the parking lot for about an hour. I watch Blake make smoke rings with the vape pen and I make a boomerang of it. Even though Noah's upstairs in bandages, watching Blake use his vape pen still made me moan.

An hour turns into two, then three and then four. We have nowhere else to go. Once Blake is finished vaping, we stick our hands up the vending machine and try to pull out candy bars, but security is called. Blake growls at them to make them go away but they don't.

Eventually nightfall arrives and we make our way to the campsite in the woods. It's now been lit up and there are different incense sticks burning nearby. The trees are decorated with different coloured fabrics wrapped around the trunks. Lights are hung on the branches.

The chatter that filled the air is suddenly silenced and everyone smells the air simultaneously before turning to stare at me. My body freezes.

"Are they going to eat me Blake...?" I whisper as I get ready to run. "They just sniffed the air."

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