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I will (Furry Boyxboy) by Julbernese
I will (Furry Boyxboy)by Julbernese
Han is an Australian Shepherd and the only dog in a tigers family; Adyson, his foster mother and Nathaly, his foster sister. He struggles with his hard past and bad repu...
Mindful Secrets by Half_Az
Mindful Secretsby Az
"Waking up everyday shouldn't be this boring..." That's what 17 year old Dakota Brooks thinks about every single day of his life. He lost his parents at a youn...
Tomboy Incineraor x Pokemon Trainer by ImGokuaweeb
Tomboy Incineraor x Pokemon Trainerby ImGokuaweeb
Incineraor is a 6ft 5in Fire/Dark type pokemon who's a little too much for trainer. While it looks like she gives her trainer a hard time she actually cares deeply for t...
Adventure mayhem(Young male adventure x Yandere Dog knight girls) by Thevikeing1
Adventure mayhem(Young male advent...by X
Y/N Is a solo 12 year old adventurer when his parents died on one of there adventures he didn't want to be paired with anyone else that was until Rory and her crew came...
(NEW)The Guardians Of The City by Brandon_The_Gsd
(NEW)The Guardians Of The Cityby Officer_Brandon_the_gsd
Zack is a human boy who lives in a world where beastmans and magic powers exist. Zack is starting his first day of school on the Elemantal Academy, people that are born...
Generation Fur by buddy227
Generation Furby RougeAlphaWerewolf
DISCLAIMER: THE COVER DOES NOT BELONG TO ME BUT 'oLEEDUEOLO's ON DeviantArt.com The year is 3137 and The Fur Kingdom is rising in power, all of the other countries of ea...
The Infectious Deathzone - Kaiju Paradise by apexhxund
The Infectious Deathzone - Kaiju P...by apexhxund
Your name is River Gray, and you just started working at a facility that goes by Laminax Laboratories. Turns out they only wanted you to try and contain the animals that...
Changed - Awakening by DizzyDwarf25
Changed - Awakeningby DizzyDwarf25
Waking up with no memory in an abandoned institute is not a great start to anyone's day. So, like any other person, you set off to find your way out, get your bearings...
[Holo-Gamer] PurpleNight Volume by MQgamedev
[Holo-Gamer] PurpleNight Volumeby M
23 year old Human, M, is woken up from a Cryo Stacis chamber, having discovered that he slept for a thousand years, and the world being populated by Furries. as he tries...
Beauty In the Void(On Hold) by BunnyWitch2020
Beauty In the Void(On Hold)by BunnyWitch2020
David. A curious human who practices witchcraft and astral travels as a mean to escape his life and have fun in the spirit realm. Despite the warnings and dangers he end...
A wolf's mate(Yandere Velvela x Younger male reader) by Thevikeing1
A wolf's mate(Yandere Velvela x Yo...by X
Velvela had a loss in the past which is why she is going after you now will you help her coop or will this end up worse then it has to be.
Into a Strange world of Anthros by ArOs201
Into a Strange world of Anthrosby Ar Os
16 year old Tenn Brooks is off of school for the year and cannot contain his excitement because his summer break is going to be enjoyed at a weeklong sports camp with hi...
Various Yandere Girl Stories (Male Reader) by Susanoohands
Various Yandere Girl Stories (Male...by Susanoohands
I may do a classic yandere, I may do a monster girl... who knows, maybe I'll do a furry or two. The point is that everything is fair game. Chapters for this story will p...
Laminax Laboratories 🔬(UNDERGOING REWRITE) by Dude98362
Laminax Laboratories 🔬(UNDERGOING...by Dude98362
(This book is currently undergoing a rewrite. Yeah.) Jake is in need of a job. Badly in need of a job. He was fired from his last job, which had a terrible pay. Jake is...
The Time Traveler's Guide to Zootopia by The_Cheribim
The Time Traveler's Guide to Zooto...by Cheribim
A human soldier from a doomed futuristic civilization traverses through the fabrics of space and time to flee mankind's imminent extinction, only to stumble upon Zootopi...
A Furry Love Story ( Yeontan x Holly ) by koyaminjoon
A Furry Love Story ( Yeontan x Hol...by ☁️✨
Yeontan x Holly. A story about two doggos in love💜 Or should i say Puppy Love
Clingy Cat  by babyyxpsych0
Clingy Cat by 𝓑𝓪𝓫𝔂𝓹𝓼𝔂𝓬𝓱𝓸
Y/n is a very cute and adorable cat! She's a stray that everyone loves to feed. One rainy night Jacob sees her and decides to take her home. What happens when one action...
Babysitting Playmate by DiaperPup4
Babysitting Playmateby DiaperPup
Dan babysits a little tyke and ends up becoming his friend by the end of the evening
SunnySide Daycare by DiaperPup4
SunnySide Daycareby DiaperPup
Drew the young adult fox works at the SunnySide Daycare for young toddlers and babies. One day he stumbles across a new little baby skunk who causes quiet the chaos for...
Among Golden Rays (Gay Furry) by CandletheCat
Among Golden Rays (Gay Furry)by CandleTheCat
In the town of Moonshed, hidden between the gnarled trees and vibrant grass, lies a house. And in that house lies "The Mysterious Author of Moonshed", a rather...