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I'm [y/n]. An ordinary high school boy with a few friends that I know very well, and no talents ( ; . After school I go straight home ignoring everyone around me. But on...
Never Forgive Me, Never Forget Me(Suicidal Male Reader x Female Furry) by Warboy_Gameing15
Never Forgive Me, Never Forget Me(...by Warboy_Gameing 15
**18+ CONTENT. READ DESCRETION ADVISED** When a car crash killed his parents, Y/N L/N was beaten into a bloody mess almost everyday after. He stared into the barrel of h...
the thief, assassin and cop (female Sly x male human reader x Carmelita Fox) by Icedemon34
the thief, assassin and cop (femal...by Jordan White
you are one of the few humans left on earth as most of the population are humanoid animals but your family come from a long line of assassins who only target the most co...
I Was Never Human by BlakeUW
I Was Never Humanby ☆Trying my hardest☆
When that human boy looked at a cat, he gets teleported to an alternate universe. One day he wakes up discovering he's in a world where technology is in the future and h...
The hunt for Red-Sapien. by TyImperialUK
The hunt for Red-Sapien.by Major-Brit
Artyom Novikoff, a young Russian boy, wishes to join the Red Army and become a soldier, but his mother is hesitant about it because of his father. He gets an assignment...
The Gurdians Of The City Season 1 by Brandonthegsd
The Gurdians Of The City Season 1by officerBrandonthegsd
This is a story about a human boy named Zack, he lives in a world where human and furry live together and all of them can use elemental power, this is Zack first day on...
Nyx and Fumiko by ilovenyxandzeraora
Nyx and Fumikoby ilovenyxandzeraora
This is my first fanfic it's mainly sex but there is more too it than that. It's also a furry fanfic so if your not into to that then don't read or hate. It includes ⚠️⚠...
Where The Question Started {Book 1 Of The Feline Or The Canine?/TFOTC} by ParkSun-Hye
Where The Question Started {Book 1...by Syfer
🌅The First Book Of SUNSET Series🌅 (REMINDER : This is my first book so there will be load's of mistake's in this one but i'll take the bad comment's or auto correct co...
the medic and furry girls (human male x furry females by Crosbytheghost
the medic and furry girls (human m...by Crosbytheghost
Medic has no name he fought in ww3 but then a nuke killed everyone but not him. he thought he died but he didn't he look at the world later he see not humans but furrie...
The Soldier in a New World by Axis181
The Soldier in a New Worldby Sigma
Hello readers just a quick heads up i'm currently editing it and fixing some parts. Don't hesitate to comment i'm always happy to reply to any questions :) A soldier wi...
War Beast by Milestro
War Beastby Miles Trombley
The future is savage. Jenny Summer is a news reporter who hates her job. One day, an accident sends her through a time portal, straight into the distant future. A futu...
A Furry Love Story ( Yeontan x Holly ) by koyaminjoon
A Furry Love Story ( Yeontan x Hol...by ☁️✨
Yeontan x Holly. A story about two doggos in love💜 Or should i say Puppy Love
My opinions on fnaf   gacha :> by debunkingnightmare
My opinions on fnaf gacha :>by Afton/Scraptrap
Opinions on the fnaf gacha content and parts of fnaf :) Warning ⚠️ there is swearing mentions of suicide, abuse and my opinions. You do not have to agree and post your...
Alpha x Ultima DekuBaku by Glitchy_Misfit
Alpha x Ultima DekuBakuby Glitchy Misfit
After hanging out with his friends Bakugo stumbles upon 2 wolf packs fighting. It was 4 wolves againts 10. Staring at the scene, what is Bakugo going to do? Intervene or...
To Tame a Monster; A Fronnie Story by SugarBear2703
To Tame a Monster; A Fronnie Storyby Autumn Wright
Freddy has always been a heartless and cruel leader and person until one day a new member, Bonnie Bunny, became part of the band. While Chica and Foxy believe Freddy wil...
Never Let Go (A Gay Furry story) by SniffDonuts
Never Let Go (A Gay Furry story)by Inactive
Felix never had a caring family to love him nor did his parents ever show care but that doesn't stop Felix from moving on with his life to create something beautiful
My Guardian Angel(Gay Furry Story)  by Big_Furry_Lover
My Guardian Angel(Gay Furry Story) by The Broken One
This story is about a human boy named Alex. Alex was living a great life with his parents Mike and Anna Mason untill something terrible happend. A horrible tragedy that...
Escape The Apocalypse (Human Reader x Furry Female Harem) by DireLaxion
Escape The Apocalypse (Human Reade...by Lakay
In a world full of zombies and mutated zombies Y/N and his companions goes through the depths of hell. Will they survive?
Human Pet (New Version) (On Hold) by unidentified562
Human Pet (New Version) (On Hold)by Unidentified
You were out with your babysitter on a hike in the woods that he dragged you on since his girlfriends house was on the other side of a trail and he was using you to scor...