Chapter Twenty-Eight

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Suddenly, I hear the ripping of clothes and a loud howl erupt. I look at Blake again and see that he's still on the floor, passed out, so it can't be him.

I then hear screaming and thuds as bodies hit the trees next to us. My blood begins to run cold. What if the wolf attacks us next? Who is it?

I try weakly to get up but I fall back onto the ground. I hear the wolf whimper and run beside me before beginning to lick my cheek. I can't help but smell the fur of the wolf beside me. It smells like Britney Spears Fantasy perfume.

Wait...does that mean the wolf is...

Suddenly the wolf transforms back. I know as I feel a gust of wind by me and the aura of a pair of breasts dangling over my face. My eyes snap open. Yeah, I knew it. It's Luna.

"Sorry for being naked, girl" she whispers before pulling a Forever21 skater dress out of her bag and slipping it on. "You know how wolf transformations go."

I groan in response as she pulls another items out of her bag. It's a small flask. She pops off the top with her teeth before gently parting my lips and pouring its contents down my throat. My eyes go wide with worry but she quickly hushes me. "Don't worry, it's an antidote." As I drink, I desperately look at Blake. He's completely unconscious. His hand has gone limp in mine. A tear starts to roll down my face as I think he's gone. He'll no longer remember me. I'll be a nobody to him. Luna spots what I'm doing and gives me a gentle smile. "Don't worry, he'll be ok" she reassures me before taking another vial out of her bag and scooting over to Blake. She does the same to him. As I watch, I begin to feel dizzy and my heart begins to beat faster. I eventually give in and fall unconscious, hoping for the best that this wasn't another trap.


I finally wake up and I find myself laying on a couch. As I look around, I realise that this is mom's couch. I'm in her house. I quickly jump up and grab the nearest thing to me. I then begin to tip toe out of the living room and make my way to the front door, desperately trying to get out and run away. Before I reach it, I'm suddenly grabbed from behind and hoisted into the air.
"L- Let go of me!" I scream hysterically. "I have a weapon and I'm not afraid to use it!'

I'm then placed back down onto my feet and twirled around. My eyes go wide and my heartbeat starts to go crazy. Oh my God. It's Blake - Blake Griffin.  My Blake Griffin.

"You really gonna hit your boyfriend with a... remote?' he asks with a smirk and a raised eyebrow. Before he can say anything else, I jump into his arms and smash my lips against his. As we kiss, he slips his tongue into my mouth and pushes me against the wall. I rake my hands through his dark curls and moan loudly as he starts to kiss down my neck. I throw my head back and let out another moan but a familiar voice shrieks at us, causing Blake to drop me down.

"Are you guys serious? Right in front of my sala- I mean my door?" Mom yells at us. I see Luna standing next to her with a smirk on her face. Blake looks at my mom sheepishly but I run and hug her.

"Mom, you saved us" I sob as I hug her tighter. "But what's going to happen now? Where are Soronsbo and Julian?" I sniffle. Mom smiles gently at me as she wipes away a tear from my blushed cheeks.

"I'll take care of them baby" she says to me in an attempt to comfort me, however; all I can do is cry even harder.

"What do you mean? Are you going to kill them? Are you going to leave? Please, mom, don't leave!" I plead with her. Instead, she holds my hands in hers and looks me deep in the eyes.

"I'm going to do what it takes to be a good mother to you...even if that means I have to kill to keep you safe...even if that means I have to never see you again" she says to me with a breaking voice. My eyes widen and I grip onto her as she tries to walk away.

"No mom, please, you don't have to do this by yourse-" before I can finish, she snatches her wrist out of my grasp and turns to me.

"I've already done what I've had to do I need to finish it once and for all" she says sharply.

"What do you mean you've already done what you had to do..." I trail off hesitantly as I begin to realise what she means. Instead of replying, she turns to Blake and Luna who nod at her.

"Bye sweetie" mom says gently as she begins to walk with them towards the front door. "We've got some dead bodies to bury."

As I start to run towards them, the front door suddenly bursts open. It's sent flying across the living room, narrowly missing my head. Everyone jumps back in fear before we realize who it was.

It's Jared. And he doesn't even know how to read.

"Oh, you little shits thought this was over? You thought Elizabeth could just double cross me and get away with it?" He snarls at us. He then turns to Blake with a wicked glint in his eyes. "You really thought you could stay Alpha, huh? You thought you could take on your old man?"

Blake steps forward and begins to growl at him, but I run and pull him back. "Don't let him bait you baby, we need to stay together" I whisper. Jared looks at me and begins to roar with laughter. "Oh you're still here? Still trying to convince Blake that he can take me on? You know what, you're going to be the first to go" Jared says menacingly before instantly transforming. His clothes begins to rip off and he lets out a loud howl as he growls and morphs. Soon, a huge midnight black wolf is standing in mom's living room, and he's staring right at me.

Jared bares his canines as he begins charging at me. I stand there, frozen in fear before I'm suddenly pushed aside. As I'm sent flying, I hear Blake yell in pain as he's pinned onto the floor by Jared, desperately pushing his growling jaw away from his face. I see my life flash before my eyes as I watch the two of them struggle. My vision goes red and I no longer have control over my body as I get up and run into the kitchen. I pull open the drawer and grab a butchers knife. I slowly make my way back to the living room and I see that Luna and mom have transformed and begin attacking Jared as they try to get him off Blake, but they're not strong enough. My heartbeat suddenly calms down and my breathing is controlled as I walk towards Jared in wolf form. I can't seem to hear any of the growls or howls or screams at all. Instead, all I can hear is my steady heartbeat. As I reach Jared, I raise my arm with the knife in my hand and let out a scream as I plunge it into his furry body. Instantly, a yelp comes out of his mouth and he painfully transforms back into human form and collapses next to Blake. Blake quickly jumps up and stares at Jared's dying body. The whole room has now become silent.

As we watch Jared die, nobody says a word. Nobody sheds a tear. Instead, we just stare at him writhe and jerk in pain. Before he passes, Blake kneels down and looks him in the eye. He strokes his father's face before leaning towards his ear and whispering the last words Jared would ever hear on this Earth.

"I will always be a better Alpha than you. Have fun in hell."

***Two months later***

It's been a couple of months since Soronsbo, Jared and Julian were killed. That same night, we threw their bodies in the stream and let them drown. Chase found out what had happened to them and ran away with his pack that same week. I guess he was worried that same thing would happen to him too. We never saw him again.

I thought I would never be able to see mom again after everything that happened, but after Jared died, mom collapsed too. Something was happening within her because she kept shaking and jerking before laying completely still. Then, some kind of smoke left her mouth and she woke up. She said she felt the wolf within her die. She never turned again. I guess Soronsbo was wrong. She didn't have to hurt a loved one to become human again. That wasn't her only option. The person who had turned her had to die, then, everyone he had infected would become human again. At least, that's what I'm guessing. I'm just glad I have my mom back.

Me and Blake are happier than ever now. We no longer have enemies and highschool is almost over. We're both going to go to Yale. I can't wait. Me and him, together forever. I mean, what can I say? I am the Alpha's Nerd.

The End.

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