Chapter 14

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Serafall: i-i-impossible, you're lying, you're lying!!!

Y/N: believe what you want, but sending you here with knowing that the Earth is under my protection, sound like an order to die for me.

Serafall: and why would he want me dead anyway? My death will bring no profit.

Y/N:(shrug) don't know, that's between you and the Leviathan.

She began to cry.

Y/N:(sigh) me and the Leviathan is gonna have a long talk after this.

???: that wouldn't be necessary, great king.

A portal appeared in front of us and reveal the great Leviathan.

A portal appeared in front of us and reveal the great Leviathan

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Y/N: Leviathan.

Serafall: my Lord!

Y/N: you better have a good explanation for this Demon.

Leviathan: there's nothing to explain, dragon. I'm here to pickup a traitor.

Y/N: traitor?

Leviathan: Serafall here is acting on her own will, I never ordered such attack.

Serafall: no... I attacked earth based on your order.

Leviathan: silence!!! You'll be sentence to death after what happened!

Serafall just stared at disbelief, the one she trusted the most is betraying her. She just stared blankly, not knowing that to do.

Leviathan: now Lord Y/N can you please hand me the criminal, so then we can finish this quickly.

Y/N: why would I do that?

Leviathan: what?

Serafall: huh?

Y/N: this is my territory and her punishment is mine to decide, besides I don't really trust what you just said.


Y/N: it's not unheard that the great Satan faction wanted earth to be their territory and also knowing that the sitri clan is out of favor with you, I doubt she can muster this many troops.

Serafall: Y/N...

Leviathan: you heard this from the mouth of a criminal, you....

Y/N: the "criminal's" is more trustworthy than you demon!!!, Besides the real criminal here is you and don't hope to you can walk out of this place Alive

Leviathan: tsch.

Y/N: Serafall take cover.

Serafall: but...

Y/N: now!!!!

She then fly away from there.

Serafall: good luck Y/N

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