Chapter 15

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Y/N: so what are we doing here?

After another boring day of school, me, Asia and Issei head towards the ORC building. looks like something important come up and Rias need all of us to be there. She's a little vague about it, Hmm... I guess I'll see it when I get there. After we got there, the door was unlocked. We then went inside to search for the others only to find them standing at the end of a hallway with a massive door with numerous seal.

Rias : Y/N, I'm glad to see that you came.

Y/N : sure thing. So, what's all this about ?

I then noticed rias's eyes is darting towards my wallet. Looks like she still can't accept the fact that I have her baby photo.

Y/N:(in your dream kid)

Rias : (sigh) last night, my brother insisted for me to release the seal and allow my other bishop to leave this area

Y/N : other bishop ? But why is this person sealed in the first place ?

Rias : I wasn't strong enough to contain the sheer power. But my brother decided that I'm strong enough now

Xenovia : the power that this bishop has must've been fairly dangerous for it to be sealed

Y/N : hmm... should I expect any resistance from this bishop ?

Rias : of course, I've been trying to get the bishop out since this morning, but the bishop just don't want to go out

Issei : wow, so this bishop is a complete shut in ?

Akeno : I guess you could say that. But this bishop used to get the most contracts out of the entire peerage

Issei : wow, really ?

Kiba : yes, this bishop used computers to make special contracts

Y/N : that does sounds more convenient than the way most of you devils make contracts. Now I want to meet this bishop.

Rias : alright, let's see how this goes...

But then....


We heard a loud scream of a child. It was so loud that my ears are ringing. I could see Issei trembling in fear right beside me as Akeno approached the coffin. And so, I readied myself for whatever will come out of that thing...

Rias : hello.. I'm glad to see you looking well

??? : I don't understand what's going on!!!

That voice... it's a child. It's always sad to see a little kid having to carry a burden like being a bishop.

Akeno : the seal has been broken, so you're free to come home with us now okay ?

She said as she opened up the coffin. Inside, we could clearly see a cUtE LiTtLe GiRl.  She was hiding her face, so I can't really see her. 15

??? : no!!! I never want to leave here!!! The outside is too scary!!!

That innocent face, it reminds me of a certain someone, oh yeah my sister's face when I pranked her for Halloween. But that's a story for another day...

Y/N : is this the bishop ? She's just a little girl

Rias just chuckled.

Issei : yeah! She kind of looks like Asia!! Does that mean that all bishops are pretty blondes???

he asked with a face full of hope as the others just laughed.

Y/N : what's so funny?

Rias : this child... is a boy....

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