Chapter 4

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ORC club house

Y/N: so Ms president can you tell me about this meeting?

Rias: please just call me Rias and for the meeting, I think something is happen in the church and looks like they're here to confirm if we're involved in it or not.

Y/N: owh and how many did they sent?

Rias: just 2 exorcist.

Y/N: quite small contingent for a meeting with a regional leader.

Issei: but they look quite tough actually and one of them is my childhood friend. Can you believe it?

Y/N: ohhh I bet you both have a very heartwarming reunion, like hugging or something.

He just laugh and scratch his head

Issei: well I really hoped it was that heartwarming

Y/N: what about the other one?

Issei: she had a chin-length blue hair with a dyed green fringe on the right side and dark yellow eyes.

Y/N:(could it be?)

You the grab issei and start shaking him

Y/N: did she tell you her name?

Issei: wow slowdown man, is she your lover or something?

After saying that I stop shaking him and suddenly I was blushing like crazy

Y/N: n-n-no, she's just a childhood friend

Koneko: you know Y/N your face tell the otherwise.

Akeno: ara Ara didn't expect Y/N fell in love in such young age.

Y/N: tsch... fine, I had my first kiss with her,(sigh) she probably already forget about me anyway.

Asia: oh my

Issei: damn man

Y/N: alright enough with that, they already at the front door.

Then there's a knock in the door

Rias: come in

The door is opened and revealed two girl with white clothing. the first person is a chestnut haired girl with violet eyes and the other is xenovia. She's still as beautiful as I remembered. I tried no to blush when I remembered all sweet memories about her.

Xenovia: My name is Xenovia

???: My name is Irina shidou

Xenovia then looked across the room and she noticed me.

Xenovia: what's a human doing here?

Rias: he's a member of our club and he also already know about all of this.

Xenovia: very well

She then turn away and looked at Rias, not giving a clue that she remembered me.


Issei then just Pat my shoulder

Rias: Its amazing that two followers of God would want to speak to a devil

Xenovia : I know it seems random but we have six Excalibur swords accounted for. 3 of them are with the church and the other 3 were taken by the fallen Angel.

Everyone looked shocked but I'm more of confused than shocked. Back then the security of the church is one of the best in the world, even I can't easily sneak into there.

Y/N:(heh the church must have lost their touch)

Xenovia: This is my Excalibur. The sword of destruction

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