Chapter 7

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at night

Issei: explain why we're wearing this again?

We're patrolling the streets looking for the stray priest while using a priest robes. Devil and priest robes ? please, what's next a devil king dressed as a magical girl?

Y/N: well the stray priest target are the priests in this town, so maybe if we dressed like this the stray will target us.

Issei: so you're saying we're just walking bait?

Y/N: simply put it yes.


We then walking through the streets, until we reach an abandoned werehouse. I sense a strong holy aura coming from inside the werehouse and also is this blood that I smell? Koneko Also notice it and took a stance.

Issei: what is it koneko?

Koneko: he's here.

???: Well well well looks who's here a failed experiment subject.

We looked up and see the stray priest is on the roof wielding an Excalibur.

???: Coming here to die?

Kiba: the only one who's gonna die tonight is you freed

Kiba then rushed at him, surprisingly he is overpowered. He then thrown back to us and koneko manage to catch him. I looked the Excalibur and the energy signature is way stronger than Excalibur destruction. That's not a normal sword.

Freed: what do you think about these sword huh? It's born from the three Excalibur merge into one.

Kiba: it's impossible

Issei: to wield such power

Kiba then prepare to rush again until a sound was heard.

Xenovia: we're here sorry we're late.

Irina: freed sellzen, you are outnumbered 6 to one, surrender the swords now or we'll show you no mercy!!

Freed then Laugh maniacly, his face expression is showing that something really wrong with his mental condition.

Freed: surrender!?? Even your great paladin cannot defeat me, and now that I have three Excalibur in my hand I can crush you like fly you're no match fo...

He cannot finish his sentence as I shot him with chaos blast at him. Every one looking at me wide eyes. I can't no longer hold my anger after knowing that he's the one that kidnapped my sister. I then summon a black tentacle, bound him and hang the stray priest upside down.

Y/N: enough of this bullshit, tell me where do keep my sister?

Freed: what are you...

I punched him in the face making a nasty bruise on his cheek.

Y/N: Alice d'arc, does that name ring a bell?

Freed: the paladin? I don't know where she is I swear, all I do is bring her to my boss.

Y/N: who's your boss?

Freed: he...

I then sense a familiar hostile aura coming to me, I immediately throw the stray and evade the incoming attack. There's an explosion as the smoke is cleared the stray priest is disappeared and my attacker is nowhere to be seen.

Y/N: dammit!!!

I punched the tree near me making a whole.

Issei: hey Y/N you okay man.

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