Chapter 5

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Outside the ORC clubhouse

We're currently in the yard waiting for kiba and issei getting ready

Y/N: are you sure want to do it?

Kiba: yes

Issei: absolutely.

Y/N: I can understand why's issei so excited about all this but, how about you kiba?

Kiba: because I have waited for all my life to do this and now it's right in front of my eyes

Y/N: what is it?

Kiba then looked at the two swords the exorcist wielding.

Kiba: destroying the Excalibur

Y/N:(sigh) just be careful with those swords they're really sting.

I then walked away to the spectator corner with Rias and the rest

Issei: wait you don't fight with us?

Y/N: nope if I fight it's will make it unfair for our opponent.

Issei: b-b-but

Y/N: you'll be fine issei.

I then continue my walk

Akeno: are sure about this Rias? We're fighting the people from the church.

Rias: it's not an official fight, more like a sparring match.

Xenovia: let the match begin, remember no killing

Kiba: I'll make no promises.

Xenovia and kiba are locked in a intense sword fight, while issei and irina...well, they have a reunion instead. The talk/fight continue, until issei suddenly grin wickedly while charging his arm.

Irina: w-w-whats with the smile?

Koneko: be careful he has a perverted technique that allow him to destroy someone's clothes.

Issei: ooi why would you tell that to the enemy?

Koneko: you're the enemy of all women

Issei: 😑

Irina: eeep pervert get away from me.

Issei: it's to late for that. Dress break!

Issei then start trying to touch irina. I just sweat dropped seeing such humiliating act.

Y/N:(issei just defile the dragon's pride)

Irina then moved in front of koneko and Asia, issei jumped in one last desperate attempt to undress her but in the last second Irina then moved to the right, making issei missed her but not the two poor girl behind her. Magic circle then appears on them and when he fall he accidentally activated the magic, suddenly both girls naked.

Issei: thank you very much!!i-i-i me-

He doesn't complete his sentence as he sent flying by koneko with a perfect uppercut.

Y/N: (whistle) she's sure packed some punch.

I walked towards the knocked out issei and take his jacket, I give it Asia and give mine to koneko

Koneko: thanks

Y/N: your welcome

I then turned and looked that kiba's fight is over.
Even with a knight piece, kiba's still no match for a holy sword wielder. Xenovia then turned towards me.

Xenovia: how about you? You managed to block my holy sword before. I really want to test your strength.

Y/N: (giggles) really xenovia, are you just challenge me on a duel? Do you forget what Happened every time we sparr Right?

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