Chapter 12

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I'm walking to school with issei and Asia.

Y/N: so you're saying that you parents don't mind you two live with each other?

Issei: yeah, they really loved Asia, she really helpful with my mom doing homework like cooking and cleaning.

Asia's face is starting become red.

Y/N: ehh I bet she also wake you up in the morning.

Issei: well…

Asia's face become redder.

I then Pat Asia's head

Y/N: you and issei is gonna make a great couple someday Asia.

Asia: w-w-what…

Issei: why would you say that?

Y/N: well she's a sweet person, she also great with housework…

Asia's and issei's face now is as red as tomato right now.


We then arrived at a bridge I see a unfamiliar guy leaning against the wall. He was wearing a dark green shirt with a leather jacket and had black and red pants with a chain on the left side of his hip. He had Dark silver hair and blue eyes.

???: Issei hyoudou I have been expecting you.

Issei: who are you?

???: My name is vali and I'm the white dragon emperor.

Issei then took a defensive stance in front of Asia while I just stand there and stare at both of the emperor.

Issei what do you want?

Vali: I want to see my rival of course

Issei: tsch

Issei then summon his boosted gear.

Vali: please don't bother. After seeing you fight I really doubt you can even scratch me. In if I do this…

He raised his hand toward issei and suddenly Then two blades appear at Vali's throat. I see Xenovia holding Durandal and Kiba holding his holy devil sword.

Kiba: Don't you think this joke has gone on long enough

Xenovia: It wouldn't be smart to allow you to fight the Red Dragon Emperor here now would it

Vali: Is this really the best idea. I know this kid here killed Kokabiel but that doesn't mean you can beat me even with all of you here, we can keep going if you don't mind creating a scene.

Y/N: he's not wrong there, xenovia,kiba lower your blade please

Kiba and xenovia Lower their sword and walked behind me and issei

Y/N: what's your intention coming here white one?

Vali just smile and walked closer to me.

Vali: I already said why I'm here, I'm here to greet my future opponent.

Y/N: ooo, are you referring to red one over there or me? Because I can really feel you have a strong urge to fight someone that you think as strong as you.

Vali: you have a good instinct,human. Although I also see you don't want to fight unless provoked.

Y/N: you also have a good instinct emperor.

Vali then smile slyly

Vali: although I want to see the same reaction that you show to Kokabiel, maybe with a little motivation…

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