chapter 10

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Me and my sister is currently on our way home, Rias is still punishing Kiba and Sona and her peerage still busy cleaning the battlefield.

Alice: so Y/N, looks like a lot of interesting stuff happen while I'm away huh.

Y/N: why would you say that?

Alice: I mean when I'm Left to study abroad, you just a normal kid. And now you can beat a fallen angel, a leader class.

I just chuckled at the "normal" word.

Alice: Y/N?

She then stop walking

Y/N: what is it sis?

I also stopped walking and looked at her

Alice: I'm sorry

Y/N: for what?

Alice: because I almost kill you.

Her eyes began to water and she's shaking.

Y/N: hey it's okay I...

Alice: no!!! It's not okay! As an older sibling I'm supposed to be protecting you. But i-i-i…

Y/N: sis…

Alice: I'm a failure.

I then hug her and she returned the hug.

Y/N: it's okay sis, I forgive you.

We then stay like that for a while until we let go of each other.

Alice: thanks bro

Y/N: now let's go home mom must be worried about us.

Alice: alright let's go.

Y/N: hey sis?

Alice: hmm?

Y/N: do you think we need to tell mom about all this?

Alice: if you tell her about this she'll probably think you're drunk. And why would you want to tell her anyway?

Y/N: don't know.

Alice: don't have any weird ideas little bro, it's safer if she doesn't know.

Y/N: very well then

We then continue our walk to home. When we arrived at home.

Alice: are you sure mom's already asleep?

Y/N: yeah trust me.

We then make our way as quite as possible, everything is going well until...

Jeanne: ehem!!

Y/N/Alice: kyaaaaa!!!!!

Jeanne: Alice? Is that you?

Alice: h-h-hey mom...

She then hug Alice

Jeanne: ohh my baby, I'm so worried Where have you been?

Alice: Well things get busy at work

She just laughed nervously, while I just stand there

Jeanne: and what about young man?

Y/N: well I have club meeting.

Jeanne:(sigh) just go to sleep now we'll discuss about this in the morning.

Alice/Y/N: yes mom

We then go to our respective rooms, I'm fall asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

In the morning.

Biip biip biip bi…*crash*

I smashed the alarm clock, shattering it to pieces. I wake up feeling relaxed and… wait a minute why the alarm clock destroyed? I then looked at my right arm and see it's turned into a dragon claw.

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