Chapter 2

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After the lesson end

At lunchtime

Issei: your saying you sent 4 people to hospital?

Y/N: yup

Asia: wow you must be really loved your sister to do such thing

Y/N: that's what siblings for besides I don't really care about what happen to me but mess with my family and even the demon king himself will tremble in my wrath.

Issei:(chuckle) sure

Asia: hey Y/N we wanted to have lunch on the roof do you want to have lunch with us?

Y/N: that will be nice

I then realized something, I FORGOT MY LUCH BOX

Timeskip at the roof

Both issei and Asia are laughing at me and all I can do is just eating the sandwich that I bought from the cafeteria.

Issei: man how could you forget something that'

Asia: you can have some of my lunch if you wanted

Y/N: thank you but I think this sandwich is enough.

Issei: it's your first day and you already got a lot of bad luck

Y/N: hahaha go ahead laugh at my expense

Asia: hey Y/N, do you already know which club will you join?

Y/N: hmm, haven't give to much tough about it what's the club are there in this acdemy

Issei: well we have basketball, drama club, tennis club,cooking club, baseball club, kendo club, literature club and also occult research club.

Y/N: so many choice, i don't know which one I want to join.

Asia: ohh I know you can join our club

Y/N: which is?

Issei: the occult research club

I then raised my eyebrows. Occult research club? For issei I might still consider it's normal, but Asia? What's a nice girl like her doing there? But maybe the the fact that she and issei are devil's might be the cause.

Y/N: well I'll consider it.

Issei: alright man, take your time.

We then finish our lunch then head back to classroom. After the school is done for the day I then pack my stuff and suddenly a scream was heard from the doorway.

Y/N: seriously I don't know what's up with these girls and screaming.

I then turn to the door and see kiba is standing at the door, talking to the girls from my class.

Y/N: hello there prince charming.

He then looked at me then he waves at me

Kiba: hey there Y/N how's your first day?

Y/N : pretty good actually, anyway what's bring you to this class?

Kiba: oh  I'm here to get issei and Asia that we will have a club meeting.

Y/N: ah, let me guess occult research club?

Kiba: how did you know?

Y/N: issei and Asia told me about it when were having lunch they even invited me in

Kiba: and what's your answer?

Y/N: I'll think about it.

Kiba: you should joiy, I can assure you it's fun.

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