Chapter 1

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Y/N pov


I blast the alarm clock with an energy beam turning it to Ash and starting to drift back to sleep.

???: YYYY/NNNN if you're not wake up now you will late for your first day at school.

My eyes then shot open and realizing what time is it now. I rush to the bathroom room and take quick shower, after I'm done I put on the new uniform in my cupboard.

Y/N: kuoh academy huh?

After putting on my uniform I rush downstairs to meet with an angry mom.

(This is her and we all know who she is For those who don't that's Jeanne alter from fate series)

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(This is her and we all know who she is
For those who don't that's Jeanne alter from fate series)

Jeanne: do you have any idea what time is it now?

Y/N:mmm... Nope

She just pinch her nose bridge and sigh

Jeanne: it's your first day at your new school and you already late.

Y/N: sorry mom, it won't happen again

I just look down, didn't dare to look at her face

Jeanne: just wake up a little earlier next time okay.

Y/N: okay. See you later mom.

Jeanne: have a nice day and don't get into a fight in your first day.

Y/N: no promises.

I then run of and head to school as fast as I can.

Probably you all wondering, why i the legendary and dreaded dragon of Chaos is now a highschool student. Well, I after I just awoken from my long slumber I realized that the human world isn't the same anymore. The peace that appear after the great war ended bring opportunity to human to develop. They now can soar trough the skies with their jets, they can dive deep into the ocean with their submarine. At first it's a strange sight for me, so to get better understanding of all the information I go to the place where no being ever thought I will go, library.

I researched all I need to know about this new world. Then after knowing everything I then realized, maybe this change of scenery is not so bad after all. I then decided to enjoy this new kind of life, besidea who want to be a giant fire breathing lizard forever after all. Then I changed my physical body into a 4 year old kid, getting into orphanage, oh in the orphanage I also became friend with this blue haired girl. I think her name was xenovia? Anyway I got adopted by this family they consisted of a mom and a daughter. They really loved me and treated me like I really blood related to them. And then I got into school and bla bla bla here I am.

Kuoh academy , formerly an all girl school just converted into a co ed school. I got a feeling in my stomach that something isn't normal about this school, beside the fact that the girl is more numerous then the boys and I'm not gonna lie a few of the catch my attention. Then suddenly the bell ring just after I run trough the front gate.

Y/N: I did it!!

???: You sound really happy for just not late for school

I turn around and to see a boy about my height and also with a blonde hair. We almost looked a like, except the eyes mine's red

Y/N: ohh you have no idea

???: Anyway I'm kiba by the way

Y/N:Y/N d'arc

Kiba: I never seen you before.

Y/N: that's because I'm just transferred here

Kiba: ah welcome then, I hope you enjoy your time here

Here offered his arm then I sake it

Y/N: I think I will (hmm I wonder how many devil are here). Anyway I need to go to class, want to get the good first impression.

Kiba: haha alright then, it's nice meeting you Y/N

Y/N: like wise

I then run off to my classroom

Kiba pov

Kiba:(what is this feeling, I need to tell the president about this)

Y/N pov

I finally manage to find my classroom the teacher is already there the lecture is just begin.

Y/N:(so much for making the first impression)

I then slowly knock the door then the teacher see me

Teacher: oh you must be the new student, come in and introduce your self.

I nod and at the entire class

Y/N: hello everyone my name is Y/N d'arc I just transferred here. Hope we can get along just fine.

Suddenly the girls are screaming

Girl: he look so musch like our prince

Girl2: they must be related some how

Girl: I know right

Y/N:( what in heaven's name have gotten into these girls)

Then suddenly a girl raised her hand signaling she has a question.

???: If Its okay can you tell us why you transferred. Oh and my name is Asia by the way.

Y/N: well to be honest the reason I transferred here is very stupid.

???: Like what?

I looked at the male stundent with a messy brown hair who just talk and feel a very familiar aura from him

Y/N:(ddraig)... well to be honest I transferred here because I broke the headmaster's son nose

The whole class the scream in shock

Boy: w-w-why would you do that

Y/N: well he's dating with my sister.

Asia: wait you broke his nose because of that

Y/N: and then he cheated on her and call her a slut Right in front of my face.

The class then went silent after hearing what I said.

Boy2: well that can be justified.

Girl:(ohhh our new prince is gentleman)

Girl2:( a perfect boyfriend no a perfect husband material)

Girl3:( I want him to make me wet)

The girls in the class is having a love sign in their eyes and they all staring at me.

Y/N: (sigh) here goes my peaceful life. Anyway where do I sit sensei.

Teacher: oh you can sit beside mr hyoudou there

I nooded and walk to my seats, I then looked at him I offered my hand and reintroduce my self.

Y/N: hi I'm Y/N d'arc

Issei: I'm issei hyoudou, so your story over there is it true?

Y/N: of course it's true why would I lie about it?

Issei: good point, and I bet you made that headmaster's son is running to his mom lap and cry all day.

Y/N: well it's actually not only him who's crying but I'll tell you the rest after school


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