Chapter 9

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We have arrived at school, Sona's peerage have already set up protective barrier.

Sona: we have surrounded the school barrier so anything happen in there doesn't effect anything in the outside.

Rias: I appreciate it Sona

Sona: remember it's only hold as long as nothing drastic happen.

Y/N: guess I can't go all out

Tsubaki then appear through the portal.

Issei: is Irina ok?

Tsubaki: she's okay nothing live threatening, she can thank Asia for that.

Y/N: any of you heard word from xenovia or kiba?

They all shake their head.

Y/N: very well then we'll handle this our self and maybe they will arrive in time.

Sona: It's not to late to contact your brother.

Rias: You know what I don't see. You trying to contact your big sister.

Sona: Sirzechs loves you, there's no doubt that he will come here if you call him so call him

Akeno: There's no need I've already contacted him he will be here within the hour

Rias: How could you do that with out asking me

Akeno: You know we can't do this on our own. Our enemy is a leader class Fallen angel he's not some one you can take on your own

Y/N: I'll take care of Kokabiel and his black knight you guys just focus with the priest.

Koneko: no Y/N!! You no match for both of them, y-you'll get killed

Issei: you realized who's our enemy is right?

I then smile at them, I ruffles koneko's hair

Y/N: don't worry I'll be fine just focus on the stray and what ever diversion that Kokabiel prepared.

Rias: Fine then, I guess this will be a fun hour

We walked through the barrier and into the new school building.

Rias: Issei I want you on support

Issei: Support?

Y/N: Yes, she want you to protect Asia and give them power when she needs it

Issei: I can do that

Rias: And Y/N

Y/N: Yes Rias

Rias: please be careful, I Know you're powerful but our enemy is not like something you have faced.

Y/N: Can definitely do that

Rias: Let's concentrate on being on the offensive for this one. We need to get into the school and prevent Kokabiel from releasing his power of whatever that may be. Unlike the fight with Riser our lives will be at risk this time

Y/N: the only one that going to lose their live today is Kokabiel and his goon

Issei: I feel like this won't end very pretty with him saying that

We walk out of the New school building and see a weird light.

Asia: What in the world is that?

???: It seems like the 4 Excalibur have been made into one. That is just Valper you know

We look up and see Kokabiel sitting on some sort of throne floating in the sky.

Rias: Kokabiel

Kokabiel: So is big brother on his way yet or is it Serafall instead

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