Chapter 3

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Tommorow morning

Jeanne: YYYYY/NNNNN why the hell you're not awake yet, you're going to be late.

My eyes the shoot open hearing my mother deafening yell, then I looked at my alarm clock. It's showing its just ten more minutes before the class start

Y/N: WTF!!!???! why the alarm doesn't wake...

Then I looked to the settings and find the alarm is doesn't turn on

Y/N: ahh forget about the dragon of chaos more like dragon of bad luck.

I Then quickly take a shower put on my uniform and run downstairs, take a toast from the plate and run out of the house.

Jeanne: it's still your second day you're late again.

Y/N: sorry!!?, Dang it i will never make it in time

When I got to far enough from the house, I then use a little of my magic and enhance my leg and launched my self.

When I got to far enough from the house, I then use a little of my magic and enhance my leg and launched my self

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Like this just ignore the swords)(

Y/N: wohoooooooo

Meanwhile at home

My mother just shaking her head while touching her forehead.

Jeanne: (sigh) what am I gonna do with that kid

Suddenly she then received text from her phone.

???: Hey Mom I'm just arrived at Japan and don't tell Y/N yet. I'm going to surprised him. 😜

Jeanne: (giggles) looks like I'm going to have a company.

Back with Y/N

Y/N: I made it

I just arrived at the gate and still trying to catch my breath.

???: You it's your second time almost being late and also it's just

I then looked my side and see the prince of kuoh himself.

Y/N: I just having a bad day

Kiba: two times in the row?

He said while raising his eyebrows

Y/N: (sigh) maybe I just need summon a devil attendant or something to wake me up.

Kiba: sure you do.

I looked at his face, he's smiling but I can see something is troubling him.

Y/N: what's wrong kiba?

Kiba: what do you mean?

Y/N: I mean is something is troubling you and I can see it in your eyes.

Kiba:(sigh) it's nothing, I just remembered something bad from my past and I...

He then shake his head and looked at me

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