Chapter 6

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I'm currently at the dining room having breakfast with my mother. She then put down her fork and look me in the face.

Jeanne: so honey, mind telling me why you come home late yesterday?

Y/N:(gulp) I'm at the club meeting with my friends.

She's just sighing while holding her forehead.

Y/N: am I in trouble?

She suddenly hug me tightly while ruffling my hair.

Jeanne: no, just call me next time you're coming home late will you? I was worried sick.

Y/N: is there something bothering you mom?

Jeanne: what do you mean?

Y/N: you looked very troubled when you're cooking breakfast.

Jeanne: you notice that didn't you?

Y/N: what happened?

Jeanne: well it's your sister, she said she's already in town but I tried to call her she doesn't answer the call.

Y/N: probably she's still busy with her 'secret' job.

My mom Laugh a little after hearing my comments. We then finish out breakfast, my mom went to wash the dishes while I clean the table. Suddenly my phone rings.

Y/N: hello.

Koneko: hey Y/N, it's me.

Y/N: koneko? how did you get my number?

Koneko: That's not important

Y/N: okayyy, so what's up?

Koneko: can you meet me in the marketing district?

Y/N: aww, asking me for a date already?

I can swear I hear my mother giggle.

Koneko: w-w-wha... That's not it there's something else we need to discuss.

Y/N: hmm to bad, any way Where do we meet?

Koneko: I'll send you the address. Don't be late

Y/N: I'll be there.

I then hung up the phone and went upstairs to change my clothes.

Jeanne: where are you going son?

Y/N: I'm going to meet a friend.

Jeanne: have fun then.

Y/N: all right mom. See you later.

I then make my way to the address that koneko sent me. After a few minutes I arrived at the address. It's a cafe, I then enter the cafe and see her along with issei and the church girls.

Xenovia: Y/N? What are you doing here?

Y/N: ask her.

I point my finger at koneko.

Koneko: I believe we're a little short handed so I call for backup.

Irina: well after watching his fight last night, I suppose he will do.

Xenovia: I agree.

I then cleared my throat to get everyone's attention.

Y/N: mind explain why I'm here.

Koneko: we're planning to take back the Excalibur.

I then crossed my arms and raised my eyebrows

Y/N: isn't Rias have are already announced that we aren't going to help them?

Issei: w-well

Xenovia: Y/N, are you saying you don't want to help me?

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