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Life, Death, and Devils: Highschool DxD Fan Fiction by Tinker1158
Life, Death, and Devils: Highschoo...by The God Of Highschool
What happens when an American otaku visits Japan? Well he's murdered by supernatural beings of course! Luke Thane has always been a fighter, even before his resurrection...
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Yandere Highschool DxD girls x male reader by TrentWise
Yandere Highschool DxD girls x mal...by I
You are F/n L/n and you are a girl magnet with your good looks and charm you get a lot of attention but a gift can have a downside to it so what happens when you catch t...
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Highschool DXD X Gamer by DrexhunterCross
Highschool DXD X Gamerby Drexhunter
You are reincarnated into the World of Highschool DXD... You maybe wondering why... We'll unfortunately you have to read to find out! [Book is Finished] I'll tell you wh...
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The Son Of A God ( Male Reader x Highschool dxd ) by Anime_Progam
The Son Of A God ( Male Reader x H...by Anime_Program
Your father was sent flying into the rocks, blood pouring from the many cuts in his body. Atreus "FATHER NO!!!" Atreus was grabbed by the man with an electric...
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Highschool Dxd x male reader lemon [On Hold] by BoiDisIsHot
Highschool Dxd x male reader lemon...by BoiDisIsHot
this is going to be a lemon of you the reader and a bunch of the girls in the show i might copy the show but add my own little twist to it i hope you enjoy
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The Shadow Dragon, Black Dragon emperor. ( High School DxD X OC by zer0420
The Shadow Dragon, Black Dragon em...by LEadFARMER 420 .
Nhzual and his younger sister Shizuku were both orphaned at a young age. But due to constant abuse and neglect they received made Nhzual lose trust in people and the ide...
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The Black Dragon Emperor of Death (Highschool DxD x Male OC) by Fireslash97
The Black Dragon Emperor of Death...by Captain Carmine
Dragons never involved themselves in the war between angels, devils, fallen angels, and demons. Until the Welsh Dragon Ddraig and the Vanishing Dragon Albion broke out a...
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The Dragon Of Chaos by Darel114
The Dragon Of Chaosby Darel114
Y/N, a legendary dragon of chaos has finally awakened from his long slumber. he now see the new world of peace, hundred of years after the great war. how will he face th...
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IT'S ME! NII-SAN by SoundAnbu17
IT'S ME! NII-SANby Artist of the Mist
What if Issei's pervert personality was all a lie. A way to hide his past experience. A way to forget what happen THAT day. The day where it was his birthday. The day t...
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The Dragon Emperor of Sin (Highschool DxD x malereader x Crossover) by sambamhaw
The Dragon Emperor of Sin (Highsch...by sambamhaw
Y/N was a little boy lost in a forest until he met dragons with their children and teach him dragon slayer magic. But then both the dragons and children disappeared leav...
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A Gamer in Kouh by YoSeBuHaRo
A Gamer in Kouhby YoSeBuHaRo
A kid from Earth wakes up to find himself stuck in the body of a fictional teenage boy with an ability that turns his life into a video game and foreknowledge of events...
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High School Dxd x Op Oc/Male Reader by DragonNote
High School Dxd x Op Oc/Male Readerby DragonNote
Ryo(or your character) is just your regular high school kid. Scratch that, he's anything but regular. He is a ghoul, a species long forgotten. He weilds the Kusanagi no...
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High school Dxd harem x Male Reader by RemnantEternal
High school Dxd harem x Male Readerby RemnantEternal
Ok so I'm bored and I got kinda annoyed with all the other writers who just randomly stop writing their stories, so I decided to make one myself. Anyways... I don't own...
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Kuoh's Prince of Knights (Highschool DxD X Male Reader) by TheAxel1105
Kuoh's Prince of Knights (Highscho...by TheAxel1105
After winning the 6th Holy Grail War, the son of Arturia Pendragon and Shirou Emiya find himself in a world of devils, fallen angels and angels, as well as many more sup...
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Protect the Betrayed  (High School DxD x Bioshock 2 x Male reader) by TheSovietReunion666
Protect the Betrayed (High School...by The U.S.S.R.
You trusted Rias. Now look where it got you. Kidnapped, memory wiped, inside a suit you can't escape, and yet, you're still trying to complete the ultimate sword. The on...
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High School dxd | Infinite Blade Dragon God | fanfic by surge_gdog
High School dxd | Infinite Blade D...by J@K€r.JeyaRTi.Genn
Luke Smith is a 27 years police his rank is lieutenant, he achieved many medals about saving a child inside the burning truck, tracking some drug users, arresting some t...
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High School Dxd X Male Reader: Volume 2 The Rise of a King by Strykerxk9
High School Dxd X Male Reader: Vol...by Strykerxk9
He's back everyone! Y/n has just revealed that he is the Heir of a house that was thought to be lost forever. Something strange is happening in Kuoh, will He be able to...
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Vengeance or not by Darel114
Vengeance or notby Darel114
journey of a neglected boy, his only fault? born with the ability to control demonic power.
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The Ancient God: A OC X Akeno Story by IndigoPrince99
The Ancient God: A OC X Akeno Storyby IndigoPrince99
An average 17 year old boy named Shoki Tanahashi did not come from humble beginnings. But he's ready for a fresh start with his elder sister Uzume at Kuoh Academy. So wh...
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House Of Cards (Highschool DXD X Malereader) by Xrasher
House Of Cards (Highschool DXD X M...by Xrasher
The 4 Satans Protects Devil. Michael protects Angel. Azazel protects Fallen Angel. Who's gonna protect humanity? Us. the Grand Council. We are humanity's savior. We are...
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