Chapter 13

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Serafall: c-c-chaos??

Y/N: y-y-yeah it's me. How are you Sera?

Serafall: y-y-you.... idiot!!!!

She Punch me in the stomach very hard I fall to my but

Y/N: whyyyyy???

Serafall: I'm supposed to ask you that, you suddenly just disappeared without saying goodbye. I thought we're friends Y/N,!!!!!

She finished her rambling with a....

Serafall: you idiiiiioooooooooot!!!!!!!

The whole people in the gym is closing their ear.

Rias: err lady Leviathan care to explain how you Know Y/N.

Serafall: ohh we are best friends right?

She place her hand on my shoulder.

Y/N: we aren't... Ouch!!!

She stomped my feet.

Y/N: why??

Serafall: yup we're best friends forever.

Y/N: what ever she said! Hey Sera!

Serafall: hmm?

Y/N: you sure Sona is your sister? Your attitude is 180° different than hers.

Sona: Y/N!!!!

Y/N: hey I'm not the only one who's wondering, ask issei!!

Issei: what?? Don't drag me with you!! But I also wondering to.

Serafall:heeee???? Sona here is just acting!! When we were kids, we used to....

Sona: enough!! I can't take it anymore!!

Sona then run away crying.

Serafall: ehh sona?? Wait for me!!!

She chased her crying sister.

Saji: Looks like Sona is going to need my help

Y/N: Ok see you later

Saji: See ya

Issei: is all the devil king is like her?

Rias/Y/N: unfortunately yes.

Y/N: they can be handy sometimes

Rias: agree

We then start to walk around. After a little bit we ran into Issei's parents, Rias's father and my mom. What is she doing with them?

Jeanne: ah Y/N there you're.

Mr hyoudou: yo issei

Zeoticus: hey Rias

All three: oh no...

Y/N: mom!!

Issei: father mom?

Rias: father? What are you doing here?

Zeoticus: can't I visit my daughter?

Rias: where's brother?

Sirzechs: I'm here

He's standing in the stairs.

Sirzechs: hello Rias

Rias: brother.

She didn't look so happy

Jeanne: hey son Where were you? I have looking all over the place.

Y/N: oh I was meeting an old friend of mine

Issei: so this your mother?

Y/N: yes...(you better don't think anything stupid issei)

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