Chapter 17

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---ORC clubhouse---
--a few hours before the summit--

Third POV

The whole is already ORC member gather there.

Y/N: now that everyone is here I'm gonna tell you something?

Issei: what is it Y/N?

Y/N:(sigh) I'm not gonna come with you to the summit

Asia: what? Why?

Y/N: something dark is stalking this town and a few hours ago they target my mother.

Kiba: did you manage to capture it?

Y/N: unfortunately, no. It managed to escape when me and Sera arrive.

Rias: the thing that try to attack her, it has the same aura like you told me?

Y/N: yes, you guys will be save in the peace summit. No one is stupid enough to face all three faction leader at once.

Issei: and you?

Y/N: I'll stay at my house and protect my mother, while I want you guys to protect the summit. Understood?

All: Roger.

Y/N: very well then...

He summon a teleportation circle.

Y/N: If those fools give you hard times, well... you know what to do.

Then the room's engulfed with purplish light and he's gone.

Kiba: so we stick to the original plan?

Rias: yes, this enemy is still unknown we need to keep our eyes open for any trouble.

---Y/N's house.---
--his room--

suddenly magic circle appeared on the floor and from it a figure emerged

Y/N: ahh it's good to be home.

Jeanne: Y/N? Are home yet? The food is about to finish!!

Y/N: coming mom

He then change his clothes and make his way to the dining room. He then the food, his face maybe smiling but he's worried.

-after dinner-

Jeanne is cleaning the dishes while Y/N is still sitting in the dining table.

Jeanne: so Y/N, how's day?

Y/N: good.

Jeanne: hmm?

Y/N: what?

Jeanne: what's wrong son?

Y/N: nothing, why would you say that?

She then stopped cleaning the plates, and looked at the young dragon in the eyes. He just gulped couse he know when she's like that, well...

Jeanne: well, I might not your birth mother, but you had been my son for as long as I can remember. I Know how you act when you're stressed.


Jeanne: so tell me what's wrong?

Y/N: it's nothing mom, i just stressed about the school that's it okay!!

Jeanne: alright if you said so.

She then turned around and about to start washing the plates.

Y/N: I'm just worried about you and big sis.

Jeanne: huh?

Y/N: I don't know why, but I always feels uneasy, I try to tell myself that everything is gonna be okay, but shake this feeling away.

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