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The Devil's Greed | A Highschool DxD Fan Fiction by PuppetClown
The Devil's Greed | A Highschool D...by Pierrot
A boy born in the Underworld and raised as an heir to the Avarice Clan. He is the fifth new member of The Great Satans. The Four Great Satans has given him a play toy fo...
Story of a Devil (Godzilla KOTM user x Highschool DXD by RWBYKnight4142
Story of a Devil (Godzilla KOTM us...by Alexander Olson
(Y/N) (L/N) lives a pretty boring life and wants to aspire to something greater, until he is killed by a fallen angel. When he wakes up he finds himself under the servit...
Lucifer Gremory - OP Male OC X dxd by keerthivasanfirst
Lucifer Gremory - OP Male OC X dxdby Keerthivasan GC
What happen when an otaku dies due to mistake of God who grants him an three Wishes What will happen in the main plot will it Change? Or Not? ...
The Roaring Sun (Sunshine Reader x Highschool DxD) by ThatSoftServeGuy
The Roaring Sun (Sunshine Reader x...by ThatSoftServeGuy
Longinus Sacred Gears. Ancient weapons that harness the strength to kill a God, however, what if there was something else that could rival their prestigious rank? An ent...
Forgotten Love (HighSchool DxD Fan-Fic)  (Rias x Male Reader) by DarkFictionDude
Forgotten Love (HighSchool DxD Fan...by Phanto
You and Rias loved each other, but you are forced to leave the city, leaving Rias behind... when you come back, does she still love you? *UPDATES EVERY ONE TO TWO WEEKS*
The Dragon Of Chaos by Darel114
The Dragon Of Chaosby Darel114
Y/N, a legendary dragon of chaos has finally awakened from his long slumber. he now see the new world of peace, hundred of years after the great war. how will he face th...
Kamen Rider Zi-O X High school DXD by RisingHopper01
Kamen Rider Zi-O X High school DXDby Cyrus
Y/N has moved to Kuoh Town with his uncle to start his new life at Kuoh Academy. Y/N has a strange dream of being King when he grows up because of that dream he was bull...
The Eternal General : Highschool DxD x Male Reader by GlenAldoAZE
The Eternal General : Highschool D...by GlenAldoAZE
You remembered it..... The sounds of horns being blown in the horizon.... The cheers of a hundred thousand men as they waited to attack.... The sound of horses running t...
Beyond Strongest Red Dragon (D×D x OC) by MomoMizrahi94
Beyond Strongest Red Dragon (D×D x...by ミズラヒモモ
Shinn Uzuki is a loner. He never interacted with anyone at school and would always be the first out the door. When the one person he trusted kills him, he gets reincarna...
The Sitri Ice Dragon by MomoMizrahi94
The Sitri Ice Dragonby ミズラヒモモ
Toshiro Sitri is the youngest son of the Sitri Household. He is forced by his parents to transfer to Kuoh Academy. He is not looking forward to it, either...
The Strongest One!(REBOOT!Male Reader x DXD) by Baryan_KuramaSeal
The Strongest One!(REBOOT!Male Rea...by Shinobi Of Wattpad
Y/n was always an odd child growing up. He would eat more than humanely possible and had a strong desire to fight and get stronger. Despite his weird nature, Miki and Go...
Dragon Ball DXZ (DXD Remake) by Bolt8091
Dragon Ball DXZ (DXD Remake)by KVVh1te
Five years after the defeat of the monstrous bio android Cell and the sacrifice of Goku. Goken and his family enjoy their lives in this time of peace. Especially with Go...
The Hunter; Highschool DxD x Male Reader [Discontinued] by Keita_Kazuka
The Hunter; Highschool DxD x Male...by Keita Kazuka
An organization was built to capture dangerous targets who threaten the balance of the world, and one such target is in Kuoh where (Y/N) ) (L/N) has been sent to take ca...
The reborn (Rias Gremory X Reader) by Lukyrocker
The reborn (Rias Gremory X Reader)by lukyrocker
As the title says this is a romantic story between The princess of the Crimson hair and of the Gremory household, Rias and yourself the readers. Hope you enjoy it
Fallen from grace (Oc x Futa Highschool DxD Harem) by SCMight145
Fallen from grace (Oc x Futa Highs...by SC Might
She fell from grace,from greatness.She betrayed her family for the once she loves.But in the end she ended up alone raising their children.What will happen when they mee...
The sitri's gaming lion by JamesHall137
The sitri's gaming lionby James Hall
What if issei didn't exist what if the boosted gear went to someone else someone who had already a sacred gear what if it went to a lion yokai this yokai was only half h...
High School DxD: Burcol the last Saiyan (High School DxD X OC Saiyan Reader) by J_Sawbridgeworth_8
High School DxD: Burcol the last S...by JS8
Burcol is a Saiyan who was born on planet Vegeta and was sent to Earth, because of his planet getting destroyed when he was young. But was later found by the Hyoudou Fam...
Reborn As Issei by Anime-Lover-Meesum
Reborn As Isseiby Meesum Zain
I died and was reincarnated as Issei. Now how will my life go as I know the future and more than a million possible futures for the Universe. Read as a regular Pervert c...
Highschool DxD: Rias' Maid by 1YeetofYeet1
Highschool DxD: Rias' Maidby Yeetus Deletus
Long ago, when Rias was still little, she was kidnapped and used as a bargaining chip by loyalists of the Old Satan Faction. Rias was saved by a young lady named Makoto...
Firstborn of Lucifer: His Rise {High School D×D X Male OC) by UchihaSwordman_16
Firstborn of Lucifer: His Rise {Hi...by Akio Uchiha
The very first child of the Original Satan. He was known as the first class singularity who could command all other demons. He was made to oversee Hell by his father who...