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Highschool DxD: Male Reader by HadesPassio
Highschool DxD: Male Readerby 哈迪斯
[Y/N] [L/N] is you so this is your own imaginary world.
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Supernatural Sniper (Highschool DXD x Male human Sniper reader) by parthrajawat
Supernatural Sniper (Highschool DX...by parth rajawat
The Devil, Angel and fallen angel factions thought that there was no human, who knew that supernatural existed......But they were WRONG. There were 7 highly trained huma...
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abusiveneglectfulmotherakenoxabusedneglectedmalereaderxriasgremory by YanniFlake
abusiveneglectfulmotherakenoxabuse...by Yanni M. Flake
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The Dragon Of Chaos by Darel114
The Dragon Of Chaosby Darel114
Y/N, a legendary dragon of chaos has finally awakened from his long slumber. he now see the new world of peace, hundred of years after the great war. how will he face th...
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The Ohma Dragon Gear: Highschool DXD x OP Male Reader by ShaNEON_757
The Ohma Dragon Gear: Highschool D...by ShaNEON_757
This is a story I wanted to work on now that I watched Highschool DXD, and it will explain what the word 'Ohma' means in this book. A new guy joins Kuoh Academy after a...
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Forgotten Love (HighSchool DxD Fan-Fic)  (Rias x Male Reader) by DarkFictionDude
Forgotten Love (HighSchool DxD Fan...by DarkFictionDude
You and Rias loved each other, but you are forced to leave the city, leaving Rias behind... when you come back, does she still love you? *UPDATES EVERY ONE TO TWO WEEKS*
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Highschool DxD: OCRxMale by KratosHunt
Highschool DxD: OCRxMaleby 奎托斯
[Y/N] is handsome,quiet, and rich guy that came from US. He transfer in Japan because of some business problems here that he needs to accomplish. He is also the richest...
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(Male reader x highschool DxD) by Hi-go-die
(Male reader x highschool DxD)by Kawaiidemonlord
Hmm... description... This story is really just the anime storyline except you exist in it... I'm not good with descriptions... if I think of one in the future I might r...
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Jotaro Kujo Reader x Highschool dxd by -Emperor-
Jotaro Kujo Reader x Highschool dxdby Gajeel
Y/N an american came to Kuoh academy to "train" But what will happen when a teenager unleashes his inner strength? will he use it for evil? or will he stay on...
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Dragons Fire (Rias Gremory x Supernatural M! reader) by Waywardkat
Dragons Fire (Rias Gremory x Super...by Wayward Kat
Y/N Winchester was being shipped to Japan by his two brothers, Sam and Dean. America was considered to dangerous. He sports the Mark of Cain and is sent to high school w...
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The Hunter; Highschool DxD x Male Reader [Hiatus] by Keita_Kazuka
The Hunter; Highschool DxD x Male...by Keita Kazuka
An organization was built to capture dangerous targets who threaten the balance of the world, and one such target is in Kuoh where (Y/N) ) (L/N) has been sent to take ca...
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||Destined To Be Together|| {Rias x Male Reader} [ON HIATUS] by TaeminXD
||Destined To Be Together|| {Rias...by Caden Jerda
Your name is Ethan Phantomhive but you use Creed as your surname so fallen angels won't hunt you down. The Phantomhive family is known as the guardians of the three fact...
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BloodLust (M!Reader x Highschool DXD) by FieldTested
BloodLust (M!Reader x Highschool D...by FieldTested
Have you ever wondered if Satan was really the bad guy? Well, why not reincarnate him as a normal boy and make him the good guy.. or maybe the bad one? Well.. you've co...
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Asia Argento X M!Naga Reader by Taga-kun
Asia Argento X M!Naga Readerby Taga-kun
Your character is a new member of the Occult Research Club, not being a human you'll see if you can truly fit in with the rest of your friends.
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The Littlest Devil (adoptive mother Rias Gremory X child male reader) by ChrisReiniger
The Littlest Devil (adoptive mothe...by Shadow Nexus
(y/n) had a difficult life to say the least. After being abandoned by his parents he was forced to steal in order to survive...at least until he met her.
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A Phoenix rises from the ashes (High School DxD OC) by TheRealAlucard
A Phoenix rises from the ashes (Hi...by TheRealAlucard
Edward Phenex was the younger brother by the Phenex family. Although he was a proud member of the Phenex family, he wasn't not arrogant like his brother Riser. On his t...
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Highschool DxD: A School Of Chaos  by TheSword97
Highschool DxD: A School Of Chaos by TheSword97
Nikorasu's back in the human world, however, no one's seen him since the assault on the Gremory Estate. It's been five months since then and Rias as added new members to...
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saved by the devil (Abused male reader X riasgremory X serafall levaithan)  by slave4redhaireddemon
saved by the devil (Abused male re...by adolf hitler
A boy named y/n sets out on his path to be the strongest soul alive after being tormented and abused throughout his early life.
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Spiderman: DxD by TheAgent88
Spiderman: DxDby Expendable Asset
Spiderman X Highschool DxD Four years after the events of Spiderman 3, Peter Parker finds himself in the middle of a secret conflict between supernatural beings after he...
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the Red Devil of Kuoh (Redhood reader x highschool dxd) by Knightmare6666
the Red Devil of Kuoh (Redhood rea...by Knightmare
(Y/N) Todd. An ordinary boy who used to go to Kouh academy. But one thing that no one knew was that.....(Y/N) is actually a devil in service of the girl he loves......Ri...
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