Chapter 19

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Third POV

Y/N: die!!!!!!

Y/N rush toward Ragnarok, but before he can reach him obelisk grab his wing. Smashed him to the ground and start punching him. Before the third punch manage to land on him, he shoot an energy ball. Sending him flying, he then continue his rush towards Ragnarok. He bite Ragnarok's neck, he try to break free but
Y/N's grip is to strong. Y/N lift his opponent, and throw him away.

Y/N: no matter how much Power he gave you, you still no match for me.

Ragnarok: don't get Cocky chaos.

Obelisk: Nightmare shatter!!!!

Dark energy burst send towards him, unable to react on time he get hit by the full force of spell.

Y/N: damn it!

He looked at the two giant in front of him.

Y/N: tsch

Ragnarok: this will be your end, Chaos

Obelisk: the void Lord shall rule over this world like he destined to be.

Y/N:(chuckle) you were supposed to be the guardian of this world. The one who supposed to save us.

Obelisk: we are saving this world, by serving him we just save our world from total destruction.

Y/N: and with the cost of our freedom?

Ragnarok: a necessary price for our salvation.

Y/N: you know there once a human Said this...

He then gets up and stare at the Giants.

Y/N: ... I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

Thick purplish aura starting to emerged around him.

Y/N: and that's one of the most wisest word I have ever heard.

--The group--

Serafall: can you guys feel that?

Sirzechs: his power is just multiply

Azazel: that means he's getting serious now

Ddraig: he's dead serious

Issei's boosted gear appear on his hand and start glowing.

Issei: ddraig!?

Ddraig: last time he produced this amount energy was when the final battle against the void Lord. The battle that almost tear this planet apart.

Irina: that's mean he's gonna win right,?

Ddraig: I don't know.

Rias: what do you mean you don't Know?

Ddraig: last time he use this tactics, it almost cost him his life and now with him severely weakened...

Alice: the outcome can be very different from the last time.

Jeanne: why?

Alice: mom?

Jeanne: why it has to be you? Why? My boy...

Sirzechs: he already took a vow to protect the peace no matter the cost. That is a promise he made to his sister, and also he doesn't really care what happens to him as long as his allies is save.

Serafall: that's both of his strength and weakness.

Xenovia: Y/N....

--with Y/N--

The energy Y/N is so great, even the Giants take a few steps back.

Y/N: I'll make sure to end both of you

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