Chapter 18

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Third POV

Y/N: you should continue hiding, Ragnarok.

Ragnarok: hmph after you defeat and exile me, I swear my allegiance to a being way stronger than you. In exchange he give me enormous strength, way more than you imagine.

His eyes widened

Y/N: don't tell me...

Ragnarok: your old enemy has return young king, and this time he will stop at nothing to destroy you and this pathetic world you swore to protect.

Y/N: I don't care if he return, I defeated him once and I'll do so again.

Ragnarok: a big talk for a weakling.

Y/N:(chuckle) such attitude for a slave.

This seem to trigger him, he roar loudly and charge at Y/N.

Issei: Y/N!! Do something!

Y/N: this is no place for a battle.

He snapped his finger.

Y/N: dimensional switch.

Purplish aura begin to engulf both of the dragons and they instantly teleported to another world.

Purplish aura begin to engulf both of the dragons and they instantly teleported to another world

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Ragnarok: the Nexus, it's been a long time since we are here.

Y/N: this is the example of your master will once he conquer a world, you want this to happen again?

Ragnarok: hahaha you are wrong Y/N, he promised me that our world will be spared. He only ask for our total submission to him.

Y/N: you disgust me.


Alice: where have the gone?

Azazel: we can't be sure, Y/N's dimensional switch is a powerful spell making him capable of teleport form world to world.

Xenovia: where do you think they transported to?

Azazel: the most likely place is the Nexus, where the he managed to pushback the void Lord back to his realm.

Michael: yes I have heard about the battle, it completely annihilate the population and making the world inhabitable.

Rias: why would Y/N...

Azazel:(sigh) we don't know much about why he battle the void Lord, all we knew was that when we are busy battling each other, the void Lord fix their gaze upon our world. They begin Their first invasion by attacking the dragon realm. A foolish move I must say.

Sona: why would we never know about this?

Sirzechs: the dragon faction is very discreet about this, they are prideful creature. They think they can settle this problem on their own.

Alice:. But they manage to defeat him right?

Sirzechs: with high cost, yes. And the war is the reason Y/N really hate the void Lord so much.

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