Chapter 20

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I can see only darkness. With nothingness all around me, I could only stay silent. What happened ? Did I die ? No, that's too good to be true. But then, what happened ? And so, I tried my best to wake up. But then, everything went bright.

???: Y/N.....

That voice, it sounds familiar.....

Why can't I see anything ? Why is everything so bright ?

???: Y/N.....

Now I remember, it's her.... I could see it....

The silver hair....

The bright smile....

If only she's here to see how it all turned out....

I open my eyes to see an unfamiliar ceiling. I could feel the pain on my head as I wiped the sweat from my forehead. But still, my hands aren't even trembling. After hundred of years, this has got to be the first time. But why

That dream, or at least I think it was a dream. Why am I hearing her voice now ? But still, I'm glad that I could hear it, even if it is inside a dream. But now, I shouldn't dwell on the past. And so, I tried to get up. But why is my arms feeling so heavy ?

I turned my head and see xenovia and koneko sleeping peacefully besides me. With their head resting on my chest, I can't really move without waking them up. And so, I just stayed there not do anything. I then think of something else.

Y/N: (where am I? Aren't the house destroyed?)

I lost in thought when I feel a movement.

Xenovia: Y/N... I love you...

she must be dreaming about me, I looked at koneko. She's so cute, what Did I do to deserve this?

Y/N: (sigh)

I heard the door opened and a figure walked in. It's my sister.

Alice: brother! You're awake

Y/N: technically no, since the two beautiful lady here is holding me tightly.

Alice: you can always wake them up

Y/N: meh I don't mind anyway.

Alice: (chuckle)

Y/N: so where are we?

Alice: where do you think?

Y/N: well the house is destroyed so I'm guessing we're crashed in someone's house?

Alice: (giggle) well your guess wrong Y/N, we're at home.

Y/N: huh?

Alice: after the previous house destroyed, sir Michael decided to make us a new one.

Y/N: he did that?

Alice: yup

Y/N: wow

Alice: come on wake them up, I'll show you around after breakfast.

She closed the door, leaving me alone with the two sleeping beauty.

Y/N: hmm, how do I....

I then shake them a bit.

Y/N: koneko, xenovia wake up, it's already morning

Xenovia: uhh... Five minutes...

I then looked at koneko, she's still sleeping.

Y/N: ....

What am I gonna do?

Y/N: come on we're going to late for breakfast,

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