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Leah's pov-
I opened my eyes to see a bright light, I looked around and saw I was in the hospital. A doctor was to my right and I saw it was Calum, "So since when did little David drive a Tesla?" He looked at me and I said "I don't know." He kept filling out my chart. "Well David survived he just had a few cuts. You had a gash on your head that we had to stitch up. Also your wrist is broken, we fixed it though."

I looked at my wrist to see it in a cast, "Well this is an adorable look." I thought to myself, Calum said "Do you need more painkillers?" "No, I want alcohol to numb this mess." "Hahaha your adorable and since when did you drink champagne." "I just had one glass with David." He sighed and said "I never realized he was twenty two." "Can you stop judging me. Where are the boys anyways?"

"Here we are." My dad walked in and said "So David said he is taking you to prom." "Oh god you talked to him." "Yeah because I always love to know who my daughter is going out with." "Dad." "Hey I am thankful your new boyfriend drives a douche car and is twenty two." "Is he being sarcastic?" I questioned and he smiled at me and said "Well good news is, your doctor appointment is postponed but you are seeing Luke today, like right now."

"Dad no." Luke looked at me and said "Well c'mon let's go." He grabbed my hands and helped me into a wheelchair, I sighed as he wheeled me to his office. He brought me into his patient door, "So Leah you ready to spill some feelings?" "No." "C'mon Leah its always good to spill feelings, it doesn't help that you have been keeping the feelings since your mom died inside." "Luke I'm just not ready to spill." "Leah it will come naturally I'm not forcing you to spill."

"Okay because I'm not going to spill."

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