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Leah's pov-
"Griffin?" "Leah?" "I thought you graduated last year." "No I was a junior." "That's right." He smiled and said "So now your a junior." "Yeah and your a senior." "Yep." He replied popping his P, and I said "Well I'm going to go, have a good school year." "We will run into each other again." "Yeah maybe." I left and thought to myself "Jesus Christ, why can't I hook up with normal guys."

Griffin was my sophomore year boyfriend we broke up got back together broke up. We kept playing the game of hooking up and we still kinda do, but not as much. He was the guy that I almost got pregnant with his baby. In the backseat of his dad's car. Does my uncles and dad know about that, nope. If they did, I wouldn't be living anymore. You would see my body on the side of the road.

The whole day went fast and before I knew it was fourth period. As soon as I walked in talking to my friend Elle and Reese there was Chris. He turned around and smiled at me. "Leah." "Chris." We waved and the teacher started to talk. Great so now I have Chris here, he never told me he went here. "Can junior year get any better."

The day was over and I got a text from my uncle Calum, saying he is picking me up. I walked into the parking lot and saw him in his white Range Rover. "Hey pumpkin." "Hey." I got into the car and he said "How was the first day?" "Eventful." He smiled and said "Is that good or bad?" "Depends how you take it." "Okay." He pulled us out of the parking lot and we drove towards the office of the boys.

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